My new pet Lovebird

by Lily Alex
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Yellow peach- faced Lovebird - Pikachu

Yellow peach- faced Lovebird - Pikachu

It's a yellow, peach(rosy)-faced lovebird, name Pikachu. This parakeet is so pretty! And she TALKS!

Pikachu is saying her name, and also "Ptichka" ("bird" in Russian)

She mimics laughing and some other common house sounds.

Pikachu lays eggs regularly.

She always cuts out feather-like pieces of paper or almost any other material and stuffs it on top of her tail!

I mean, at first it seemed as if she was trying to look like a peacock!

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Nov 30, 2013
its a female
by: Lily

Your bird is a female,it is probably spring,she is doing the mating dance.:-) the story was nice ty!!

Jul 19, 2010
by: Kay

It's funny, when I saw that picture I was a bit surprised because I had a lovebird named Kiwe. (Unfortunately he passed away this year due to a freak accident... It still breaks my heart to think I lost the one love of my life, though I'm only the age of 14)
Kiwe shredded paper a lot too. He stuffed the long trails of paper in his tail feathers as well. It was a funny trait, though sometimes annoying when he would chew important papers.
Kiwe could speak as well, saying "Kiwe" or "Kiwekins", "Pretty Bird", "Yeaaaah" and he would always give a audible 'Kiss goodnight' which sounded like a peck as I would run upstairs at night.
He was the cuddliest bird I've ever met! He would allow my mom to even give him a neck massage at night as he would sit in her hand, which was unusual because Kiwe didn't like hands, though he ADORED feet! (Most likely because my brother would dance around the counter, and as my bird had clipped wings at the time; he would chase after my brother, trying to get his feet where he would climb up to his shoulder)
I can honestly say Kiwe was not a bird, but a part of our family. He was like the baby, or the toddler. He was smart and could understand words like 'No' and even his name and other family members names. It was always funny at dinner time. He would travel to everyones plate trying a bit of everything before going back around the next time. I think what I miss the most was his little kisses he would give us by literally sticking his tongue against our lips, but it was still sweet non the less. I often wonder if I will ever find another bird like my baby Kiwe, though I will never replace the one bird that has touched my heart like I never imagined possible for such a little guy with such a big heart.

Gah... I can't even stop myself from crying even now! Ha, I bet if he were here he'd be here kissing them away like always. I now understand why those sweet baby birds are named 'Love'-birds.

May 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

my love bird looks exactly like your's. She also shreds paper and the one i had before her did it too. i adore lovebird's and hope you have fun with yours.

Aug 07, 2009
by: ange

At first glimped looked like my little bird. mine loves to put paper behind her wing she also loved being cuddled. She likes running on the floor and goes to the cupboard where i keeps her food. They give me so much joy.

Jul 22, 2009
by: Ais

Love bird dont talk..
but yeah nice pic with the wing open..
got my own lovebird, but she kept pecking her own egg.. y?

Mar 17, 2009
she is very cute
by: Anonymous

she is really very cute and looks fun loveing.

Nov 16, 2008
by: Anonymous

I thought lovebirds don't talk, but it makes sense that they could since they are related to parrots.
By the way luv the picture!!Have fun!!:)

Sep 01, 2008
love bird
by: Anonymous

my love bird he gos crazy every time my girl frend putthes sing called numa numa on he cnt say eney thing yet but he is all most thow or when u go nere his cage he joups at u like a dog some or he will go hop on the cats back and ride on the cat tell he had a nuff then he bits the cats paws then the cat run for

Jul 27, 2008
pretty cute
by: Anonymous

She's cute. I have a male lovebird who does the same thing with paper. And thus his name is Shredder. I can't get him to mimic sounds but he loves to cuddle next to my neck.

Feb 17, 2008
by: Anonymous

this is great, whats more, my lovebird sorbet looked like that and did exactly the same things! she also 'danced' (like in the picture above) as well as putting stuff in her tail. I thought she was the only one that did and that she did it as she was bored but she didn't and thanks to this site and my love for lovebirds, i found out why!
This site is great!

Feb 12, 2008
by: Sarah

I have a bird exactly the same as this bird same colour and everything. I would love a lovebird that talks nice pic by the way and you seem like an awesome owner good luck with your bird and its babies.

Sep 27, 2007
She's cute
by: Anonymous

She's in breeding mode. That's what female love birds do when they want to breed. Sounds like a cutie!

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