My new pet

by alexx

How do i bond with a neglected moluccan?

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Jan 13, 2010
My new pet
by: Linda

Your Too is a very large bird, and if he has been allowed to revert to his wild state, your work is going to be very difficult indeed.

The first thing I strongly suggest is you take him to an Avian Vet in your driving area to make sure he is healthy. Neglected birds are usually sick and tend to be under-weight as well. Have your Avian Vet do some basic bloodwork, a test for bacterial infections best done by taking a swab of the throat, and check his weight. NO TRAINING UNTIL HE IS PRONOUNCED HEALTHY!

Once you have made sure he is either healthy, or have given him medicines as needed, you will be ready to begin some basic training. There are some training links out here, so please check them out. Your bird has been neglected, and his trust in humans is broken and lost for now. You will need to always be very calm with him, and never lose your temper regardless of whether he bites you or not. He was once taught things like "UP" so when presented with a perch, should step up when you say UP. This is how I'd start getting him out of cage unless he just comes out on his own. Then use a perch a few times before presenting your hand. If bitten, move INTO the bite meaning, gently move into the bird so he will let go. If you jerk or pull back, you will have a very nasty bite with torn edges maybe needing stiches. DO NOT under-estimate the injury potential with this very large bird. Do not carry bird on shoulder as you can be severely injured if he is startled by anything. Keep all other pets away from him as well as small children. Kids need to be 8-10 years old before they are taught to handle birds especially the larger ones.

His diet is critical, and he needs to be eating an organic pelleted diet rich in nutrients. He also needs a very large cage as Toos will lose their minds in too small a cage. Check out the minimum sizes for a bird his size and add two or three times as large, and you'll have the correct size. Birds need to be able to spread their wings completely out on both sides and flap without hitting anything in the cage. One with a play top would be nice. Tracie carries several kinds of organic pellets out here, and changing birds over is a process that won't happen right away. Some say the organic pellets are too expensive, and not really. You get a lot more nutrition for your bird for the money, and there are no dyes, preservatives, pesticide residue and so forth. We get what we pay for, and this is very true with bird food. Your bird needs organic fruit and veggies as well. Any dried fruit HAS to be certified organic because they use sulphur in preserving the stuff in the regular grocery store, and this is poison for birds. Here is a link to how to change birds from seed to pellets written by an Avian Vet:
Switching Birds to Pellets article

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