My new Sun..

by Chris

I recently adopted a Sun from a guy.. When I first got Marley he was extreamly LOUD!! he was very spoiled.. I am guessing every time he yelled there was someone going in the room and trying to quiet him up and he learned that when he yelled someone should come see him.. So I have almost gotten him out of this behavior. I ignore him when he yells except in the morning I talk back to him.

He yells sometimes when the other birds get a little loud.. but is seeming to get out of his "flock" call.. I have a very vocal cockatiel, that loves to whistle, and a very quiet Indian Ringneck that only talks in the morning and a little during the day.

I have noticed now that Marley loves his cage more.. I don't know if he is mad at me or what?? He really does not want to come out but once I get him out he is fine.. He actually sometimes will run from me in his cage.. He steps up about 1/2 the time and comes out.. I hate to leave him in his cage but Im not sure If i should force him to come out and play or what.

My Indian ringneck loves to come out at will and sit on top of her cage and dance and goes back in when she feels like it.. If im scratching Marley the Sun and Im close to his cage, he will actually fly back over to his cage and go inside. He has lots of toys, ropes that he loves...

Is he too attached to his cage?? What is the next step?? I don't want him to be mad at me because I am ignoring him when he yells but we seem to be passing that step, and not sure what to do next.. Any help would be appreciated

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Dec 09, 2009
Sun conure
by: Anonymous

Hi, I also adopted a sun conure at 3 years old. She's now 7, going on 8. She was extremely loud but it wasn't because she was spoilt. It was opposite, she was lacking attention severely. Sun conures are 'velcro' birds. They will live on you 24/7 if they could. They're highly demanding for attention, much like a cockatoo & believe it or not, they are relatively quiet birds if they're happy, content & get enough human interaction.

They're also 'guard dogs'. They will bark at an stranger, people coming up the drive or walking past.

If he runs from you in his cage then something has frightened him. Even if you didn't do anything wrong yourself to frighten him, he can still get a fright & relate it to you, therefor becoming frightened of you or your hands. Offer him lots of treats to come out & extra shoulder time. Move slowly too him with your hands & don't make any sudden hand movements. this could also frighten him.

I don't recommend forcing him to come out, that will set you back a long way with him. He may become more fearful of you & start to bite you. It can also cause worse screaming. Birds, like us can have times when they just want to be left alone as well. In these times they should be allowed to be left alone & left to come out when they're ready to.

If Marley isn't keen on coming out on a regular basis then you can also try opening his cage up & leaving him to come out when he's more comfortable to come out. Once he gets to the outside of his cage, walk slowly & calmly towards his & try & get him to step up. He may be more willing to do this once he's on the outside of his cage.

If you do leave him in his cage it isn't likely that it will be for long or last for a long time. Sun conures really thrive on human interaction & are smart enough to quickly learn that if they don't come out of their cages they're left on their own which they don't like.

How long have you had Marley for? If you've only got him fairly recently then he just needs time to adjust & is most likely to see his cage as a safe haven for him in a strange, unfamiliar environment. if this is the case, give him time settle in his new house. He will in his own time.

Dec 07, 2009
just a follow up
by: Chris

Linda thanks for the advice however none of my birds are housed together they all have their own cages. I never mix any species because of different aggression levels. My Ringneck was abused by previous owner which would probably be the reason she is a quiet bird. She is very healthy now and glad to say getting more playful and her feathers are growning back..h

Dec 07, 2009
My new Sun
by: Linda

From what I'm hearing, your bird may be afraid of the Ringneck. Ringneck parakeets are very aggressive and will hurt other smaller birds if given the opportunity.

Your Sun Conure needs to come out of his/her cage as often as is possible. The Sun is afraid of possibly you and the Ringneck. The Cockatiel is no problem as they are very docile birds though the Ringneck could hurt it if given opportunity.

Another thing is you need to take your new Sun to an Avian Vet to make sure he is healthy. Moving is stressful for birds, and they frequently contract infections from the stress. If your bird is sick, this will also keep him from wanting to play. It will make him yell a lot too. Basically conures are loud birds for the most part, so he will never stop being vocal to some degree. With 3 birds, they all want to be the loudest at least a couple of times a day, and this is normal.

If your Ringneck is really quiet, he may also be sick and need to go to the vet. Ringnecks are also very vocal birds, and a very quiet one is a sign of an illness.

I suggest you take all 3 of them into an Avian vet because both bacterial and viral infections are highly contageous. That means if one has it, then they all do.

Take care of them as they depend on you for their lives and thanks for writing,

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