my older green cheek conure wont shut up

by jemma
(gold coast, Australia)

 tilo and billy, billy is closer to the camera

tilo and billy, billy is closer to the camera

so how do i stop my older green cheek conure from screeming at everything!
first thing in the morning when everyones getting up for work, middel of the night if someone gets up to go to the toilet, all day! soon as she hears anything or sees someone she will start. if i cover her she doesnt stop, iv read not to scream back at her coz she finds it a game! and now my new six month old baby conure iv had for 11 days who follows her everywhere is now coping her an is starting to make noise! help me please!

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Dec 16, 2011
Conure making lots of noise
by: Tracie

We found that green cheeked conures are LOUD also. One of ours would do like you said, always call for attention, even though she had another female cage mate.

We set up a schedule that was like clockwork, when they could expect our attention, and would ignore any noise they made at the other times. We purposed to NOT look at them or acknowledge any noise they made accept at the times we scheduled attention. Also, we would make sure they were quiet the moment we announced their names and started giving them attention. (Opening the cage, letting them out, giving them treats etc.)

This was a VERY difficult thing, because I work at home. Have some special noise you make, like a bell or whistle at them every time you are announcing it is attention time. This way, they not only get used to the timing but listen for the sound too.

We have other training articles you might want to read on our Parrot Training page.

It bears mentioning that you DO need to make sure your bird is not ill and trying to tell you it hurts or something. If your birds have not seen an avian vet yet, please Find an Avian Vet (not a regular dog/cat vet) to examine your birds on a yearly basis.

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