my orange wing amazon 3month old still on formula and wont eat fruits

by jameer
(tamarac florida)

Orange Winged Amazon

Orange Winged Amazon

what do i need to do to get my 2 3month old amazon to stop eating their formula. they dont want any fruits and they eat small amount of seeda and pellots.when their hungry they go crazy and make the hunger noise, at every 7hours. somtimes i think they dont want to get off the formula. I somtimes switch on baby food like sweet potato, carrots, mangos, apples, green beens and others.some people say they will regect the food but i dont see that happening.

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Sep 12, 2011
weaning a bird
by: The Avian Vet

This is not something that can be conveyed in an email. Weaning is complicated and gradual. I need more information before I can make any specific recommendations. You need a phone consultation. If you would like to set one up, then call 919-490-3001.

Dr B

Sep 02, 2011
my orange wing amazon 3month old still on formula and wont eat fruits
by: Linda

Parrots do not instantly become weaned, and you need to be weaning your bird onto an organic pellet like Harrison's in the first place. The feedings will continue until the bird is able to feed itself a large enough quantity of high quality food to where it does start refusing some of the handfeeding formula. The reason for the organic pellets is the cheap junk food pellets contain preservatives and many more harmful chemicals including one that tastes like sugar and is addicting. It is used in face creams as a binder so the cream holds together.

You need to get on the internet and begin to understand the weaning process, and it is a process, not an instant change over. A bird 2 months old is NOT ready to wean and even those at 3 months may be eating the formula for another month or so while they are experimenting with new foods. The fruit is a bad idea anyway right now because your bird will need to be eating organic pellets as the majority of weaning diet. The fruit will cause stomach upsets and cause more hard than good.

All fruit and veggies must be organic to keep pesticide and fertilzer residue out of your baby bird as these are killers. All commercial fruit/veggie foods found in grocery stores have been loaded with dangerous chemicals and are responsible for human's sometimes allergic reactions to certain foods.

You will have to soak the pellets a bit at first so the food is softer. When I say soak, I do not mean putting in a gallon of water, I mean just enough filtered water to soften the pellets some. Make sure you don't put too much in bird's bowl because it HAS TO BE CHANGED OUT EVERY TWO HOURS as the wetter food will go rancid, so do not leave in there for 3-5 hours as your bird will become sick.

You are in too big of hurry, and you also need to be using a 60cc/ml syringe for each meal. Hopefully you are feeding a high quality handfeeding formula too because your bird is at a critical stage of development now where everything you do or don't do can make a big difference in his health and well being. Also a trip to an Avian Vet is highly recommended because baby birds are highly susceptible to bacterial infections, and your baby needs to be examined to make sure this is not part of your problem.

So, go on the internet and read some about the weaning process and stop being in such a hurry as your bird is too young right now to be feeding himself. Let him wean in his own time and as you see him consuming more and more real food like the organic pellets then you can start cutting down the feeds by one time a day and so on.


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