My Orange-Winged Amazon is not alone anymore

by Sandra

Hello Everyone, I was extremely sad after my dear little Koochie and Fran had passed. My Amazon also missed them very much and used to make noise everyday. Recently, I bought two other birds so he now has his own kind of feathered company; he stopped his noises. I just wanted to share the good news with you all. One of our new birds is a Fischer's Lovebird that I named Pretty and the other a Peach-Faced lovebird I named Sky.

Sid loves them very much and he's already kissing them both. Here is a picture that I'll like to share with you all. Sid my Amazon and his two friends Pretty and Sky looking at the Snow falling from my kitchen window.
Although I'll never forget Koochie and Fran we are now enjoying the company of our new little ones.

Sandra D Singh mom in Toronto.

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Feb 19, 2013
My Orange-Winged Amazon is not alone anymore
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi Linda,
I do appreciate your advice and concern for the health of my birds, thank you so very much. I've already taken them both to the vet and they're very healthy; thank God.
Fran my Cockatiel was put to sleep because she was seventeen and a half years old and had gotten a stroke. She wasn't able to swallow anything, not even water. Instead of letting her starved until she died, HER doctor and I'd decided to put her to sleep; God bless her soul.
Unfortunately Koochie passed because he'd inhaled a few drops of Citronella oil that was MIXED with water; it was placed under the feet of his cage to ward off Cockroaches. Since then, I don't take any chances whatsoever. Anything that is even slighty scented does NOT go near any of my birds. I've learnt my lesson but I'm very sorry that my dear little Koochie paid the price for educating me; may the Lord bless him.
I still do miss Fran and Koochie everyday, but I'm enjoying every moment with my Amazon Sid and our two new family member's; Pretty and Sky. Sid is also very happy to have them and he's not noisy anymore.
Thanks again Linda, and to everyone who wished us well, God bless you all.

Sandra D Singh.

Feb 19, 2013
Adorable NEWS
by: Anonymous

Aww that is just too cute, it is amazing how the AMAZON adapted so quickly to the change. I am sure that your other birds will always be treasured in your hearts. All of your birds look happy! We wish you all the best. xxxx

Feb 19, 2013
My Orange-Winged Amazon is not alone anymore
by: Linda

All new birds should be examined by an Avian Vet only before being brought home. Considering your loss of two other birds, I highly recommend you have your birds examined for infections or other physical issues. Infections are highly contageous, and it is common for new birds to have one or more infections from all the stress of being moved around and being with other birds in pet shops.

Unless you know exactly what killed your other birds, these three are very much at risk, so please get them exams by an avian vet only in your area.

They are a beautiful group of birds, and we wish you the best of everything!


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