my outdoor aviary

by Kittty

How manylove birds can i keep in an outdoor aviary of 6ft length, 3ft width and 5 ft height.

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May 31, 2012
my outdoor aviary
by: Linda

That would only be large enough for one pair maybe two. Lovebirds are aggressive with each other and other birds, so no more than two pair would work in the aviary and ONLY Lovebirds with Lovebirds please. The last thing you want to do is crowd too many in there because the dimensions you described are not that large even for small birds.

Think of the aviary as a little larger breeding cage, and you'll see what I mean. Two pair would be maximum, and these pairs need their own feeding and watering stations with any nest boxes far away from each other so there is no tendency to kill each others' babies. Put one box on one side and the other on the other side. All outdoor aviaries also need a closed in room with roof and sides and front openings. You will need to put a dividing panel in between each roosting room so birds are not crowded together when sleeping. If you put nest boxes inside the enclosed areas, make sure you make access doors so you can get to them.

It would probably be better to put boxes in the outside flight area. Birds take up to three years to acclimate and will still need supplemental heat in winter, so either wire up the aviary so no light emitter light bulbs can be used for heat or bring them inside during the winters. The outside flight part of aviary will need some kind of top on it to keep wild birds from pooping on your birds too.

Outside aviaries are a good thing if they are well thought out and plenty of money has gone into the planning. If wire is not buried in concrete curbs, rats, mice and snakes will be in the aviary all the time for the food(snakes for your birds). Outside wire has to be covered with some kind of screening to prevent bugs from flying in because mosquitoes can bleed birds dry if allowed entrance.

Outside aviaries are not the snap to make lots of people think they are, and good luck with yours.Take a look at some of the flights nice zoos have, and you'll begin to understand how much planning and money has to go into each one for it to be a good place for the birds.

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