My parakeet -bird- nervous

by Maritza

My beautiful white, red eyed parakeet is very calm, does not interact much and looks very nervous most of the times. we got "her" like around 4 weeks and she does not look use to us yet. We love her a lot but she does not seem happy. What we should do? I have small kids that scream and cry, as normal small children, but all love the bird and talk to her constantly, How can we make her to be more friendly to us, happy and less nervous?

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Jun 06, 2010
My bird has the same problem
by: John

My parakeets are having the same problem and I put them in a quiet room away from little kids. It has been a few weeks and they still are nervous around humans.

P.S. My parakeets have never interacted with the little kids.

Mar 15, 2010
My parakeet-bird-nervous
by: Anonymous

Thank you Linda for your comment, its been a bit since you wrote me and I did what you told me and it seems much better for the bird.
I have to noted that I have 2 kids under 7, which are the ones that caused the bird become nervous. But I decided to ask my older children to deal with "frosty" and keep her away from the screams and movement of the little ones and it seems to work.
Thank you for your reply. I will appreciated more advices.

Feb 26, 2010
My parakeet -bird- nervous
by: Linda

Well, the parrots DO NOT GET USED TO SMALL CHILDREN SCREAMING and their quick, jerky movements without a lot of time and work on your part. It will be best to keep the children away from bird as much as is possible until they are in the 7-10 year old age bracket. All parrots are made nervous by children. It is not to say they won't get better about it, but they are frightened with the behaviors of young children. They sense an unpredictability about them, and so are always nervous and in fear around them. Make sure that you or another adult or older child is always present when the young ones are around the bird. NEVER TAKE THE PARAKEET out when the little ones are screaming and throwing things as the bird will get hurt by flying off or falling or something.

It will just take time for the bird to feel safe in this situation. As often as you can, take the bird, and his cage into another, quieter room without the young children and take him out, talk softly and sweetly to him. In other words, handle him in a safe place where he is not so fearful of what will happen next.

This nervousness around small children is true for all parrots large or small, and they have to have time to adjust. Parrots who have never been around children moved into a home with small children will have major problems. In your case, it will just take time and some creative thinking on your part. You have to learn to understand your bird as well which can be done by study online and using books.

So, give your little bird some peace and quiet whenever you can. When he's in a safe room, away from the young ones, he can be allowed to come out of his cage to interact with you and any older children in the family. The young ones DO NOT NEED TO HANDLE HIM AT ALL UNTIL THEY ARE OLDER as young children can very easily hurt a bird as small as this one. A larger bird will hurt the young ones right back, so it is better to keep them apart.

Thanks for writing and good luck,

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