My parakeet (budgie) twitching all night?

by Chase
(Alabama, USA)

I've had my budge for 4 and a half years a suddenly last night he began twitching. He never went to sleep as this is still currently going on. It's so unlike him. But anyway he will twitch his wing and then every 30 seconds or so he will literally kind of freak out. I'm afraid my bird is sick! Please help!

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Jan 15, 2011
Bird twitching
by: Tracie

It does sound like there is something wrong with your bird. The only thing you can do is take your bird to an avian vet to find out what is wrong. There are not any all-in-one cures for birds. You have to know what is wrong in order to treat it.

If your bird is not eating a healthy pellet diet, like Harrison's, then this could be a disease caused by a nutritional deficiency. Don't feel bad if you didn't know about pellets, I didn't know about pellets until a few years ago either.

Keep the bird warm by covering the top and three sides of the cage. You can put a heating pad on top of the cage too. You might want to move the perches, food and water to the lowest point in the cage so that the bird will not fall far if it loses it's balance.

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