my parakeet has a crack in his beak

by aysha

my parakeet bit me really hard, now he has a small crack in his beak, is that normal???

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Sep 30, 2012
Parakeet has a crack in his beak
by: Anonymous

Birds needs certain vitamins and minerals.

This isn't uncommon to happen to a bird, but it is a sign of a nutrional imbalance.

I would suggest providing your bird with a cuttle bone, or a calcium block. A bird's beak is made up of calcium and karatine.

Chances are the crack was there before he bit you, and you didn't realize it. Him bitting your finger wont cause a crack. Possibly the reason he bit you was be he hurts and doesnt feel well.

If your bird is showing signs of pain, or isnt eating bc of the crack, I would suggest taking him to the avian vet for a quick exam. They may be able to give your bird a non-steriodal, anti-inflamtory, pain reliever for the bird, and the vet will also suggest a new diet for the bird to be on which is easier for him to eat vs hard seeds, and hard pellets. If your parakeet is a pellet eater.. I'd suggest soaking the pellet in orange juice. Then offering.

A good med for your bird to have from the vet would be metacam oral (I belive it's called) a grey and amazon about 400grams in size would take .8cc of this. Your bird obviously would require muchless.

Good luck and a speedy recovery for your feathered friend!

Sep 30, 2012
my parakeet has a crack in his beak
by: Linda

Unfortunately, just biting you really hard would not or should not have cracked his beak. Being thrown up against something would have cracked his beak and maybe broken a few bones. When birds bite, we have to move into the bite not jerk back sending birds flying all over the room. A tiny parakeet can very easily be killed or badly injured by being thrown against something, and it is part of being a bird caretaker to know how to gently move into a bird bite so the bird will let go that makes the difference between life and death or a severe injury.

Your bird will need to be examined by an Avian Vet as soon as you can get an appointment. If the beak is too badly cracked, it could finish cracking and fall off rendering your bird unable to even eat his food, and he will die. The Avian Vet will be able to come up with how to fix the crack so it does not get larger. You can do nothing except take him to the avian vet as quckly as possible

So, going to an Avian Vet with your bird is not optional in this case because this crack could be the death of your bird if left as it is.

The first thing to know and understand about any parrots anywhere is that they ALL bite at some time or another, and sometimes they bite hard, sometimes not so hard. Your job was and is to learn how not to jerk back when you are bitten to keep your bird safe. Bites are also worse when we jerk back instead of moving into the bite allowing bird to let go. The bite will tear a hole or rip when we jerk back.

Take responsibility for whatever happened here and get your bird the medical help that is required by law for any pets we own. When they are ill or injured all pets have to be taken to a vet. In the case of birds, the only vets licensed and trained in caring for them are Avian Vets, so your bird has to go to be helped by an Avian Vet.


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