my parakeet has a fever?

by Ava

My boy parakeet that is estimated 8 month's old has been sneezing a little for the past 2 days also when i pet him i notice that his body temperature is unusually high. i am really worried about him. yesterday his poop was green but now its fine.

i am only 13 and am very upset about my baby.

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Aug 18, 2009
Baby's Cold
by: Linda

Dear Ava: It would be a great idea to take your birdy to an Avian(bird) Vet in your area. It is important to treat an infection early so bird does not get any sicker. Vet will perform a simple test to see if he has a bacterial infection and then prescribe some antibiotics for you to give him either by mouth or in his food or water (vet will tell you what to do). It should not cost too much money, and make sure your family knows that he will die if left untreated. Birds don't "get over" infections like we do, and they just get sicker and sicker.

You can look in a phone book in the Yellow Pages under Vets and find one that says they also treat birds, reptiles and other exotic animals. You have to take bird to an Avian or exotic animal vet as the dog and cat vets can't treat birds, snakes and other exotics.If ad does not state that they treat birds, they probably don't. If not sure, give them a call, and maybe they will recommend an Avian vet to you. Tracie also has a Find an Avian Vet page if you just can't find one.

Let us know how your trip to the vet goes and what they find. Also send a pix of your little bird when you can. Thank You so much for writing and for loving your bird enough to ask questions about helping it. It has been a pleasure talking with you, Ava!


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