My parakeet is dying?

Okay, so he was kind of unproperly fed for 3 days while we were on a trip... but it started with him sleeping all day... and then it went to not really eating OR sleeping. Now, he's almost unresponsive, like he's in a coma. The other birds push him around a lot. Anything I can do without taking him to the vet, or any medication? I really don't wanna lose another bird again. He's a very husky bird, and now it looks like he's very bloated. He used to be very warm, not he's room temperature. We have separated him from the other birds... he's only a year old for pete's sake!

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Nov 07, 2009
parakeet is dying?
by: Linda

FIRST OF ALL YOU WILL NEED TO DEFINE "UNPROPERLY FED FOR 3 DAYS WHILE WE WERE ON A TRIP" Does this mean you went off and left your birds without anything to eat and drink, or does it mean you had someone supposed to come over who did not?

As for what to do about a sick bird, YOU HAVE TO TAKE THEM TO AN AVIAN VET AS IT IS THE LAW WHEN YOU HAVE PETS. You have to provide certain things for your pets--food, water, shelter and medical services from a qualified vet if they need it.

(The remainder of this response was deleted per the request of the author. She apologizes for her upset response.)

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