my parakeet will not let me hold him

by paula ford
(crystal, mn, usa)

my parakeet seeems to be skiddish-doesn't let me hold him-or he won't come to my finger. does he need more tim? I just got him on the 6-13-12 from another person. he is only about 2 years old. how long before he comes to me? I would like to let him out of the cage and fly around, if he wants to. is this ok to do? he acts like he wants out, but is real skiddish-when I let him out he flew around until he got tired then he let me pick him up to put back into cage.

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Jun 29, 2012
Parakeet not letting you hold him
by: Anonymous

There is no time frame on how long it will take for a new bird to get used to it's new home and new owner. He's skittish because he's scared. I wouldn't recommend letting him fly around until he gets tired, he could get hurt. Let him get used to you and your daily routine. Talk to him as much as you can and get him used to you putting your hand in the cage to feed and water. If he backs away from your hand, he's still scared and wondering where is previous owner is. Try to pet him if you can and soon he will get used to you and eventually step up on your finger.

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