my parakeet won't get on my finger!

Hi. i got a parakeet about a month ago and he still won't sit on my finger! i got him at this pet store that had 4 locally bred parakeets and they were hand fed and everything. there was a sign that said they were 6-8 week old. i picked one out and the lady there put him on my finger. he was so cute! after that, i bought him and took him home. we didn't have a cage yet, so i put him in this small little pet carrier thing.

i tried to put him on my finger at first but he wouldn't get on. after an hour or two i tried again and he got on! some times it was hard to get him off beacuse he wanted to stay on my hand so much!:) then the next day, he wouldn't get on my finger, so it was a little hard to get him into his new cage.( i put him in his new cage the 2nd day i had him.) he still won't get on my finger and he is probably 3-4 months old now. sometimes he will try to bite me and i'm slightly under the impression that he hates me.

i also give him good food, water and toys. i don't think he's sick or anything. please help me! this is my first bird! what am i doing wrong and what should i do so he is happy and sits on my finger?

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Jun 04, 2014
Don't Rush!!
by: Anonymous

Hi! I'm a parakeet expert and I have a few pointers. First of all don't try to rush it, parakeets all learn at different paces and you should respect that. If when you put your hand in the cage and he moves away don't follow him, keep your hand stationary on a perch and wait, soon enough he will run over your hand. I suggest you keep your hand someplace he likes to so he will come sooner or later. Also sometimes you shouldn't even try to get him on your finger and just sit by the cage and talk to him so he will get familiar with you by voice. And you should also try feeding him Millet by hand so he can accosiate your hand with good stuff. I hope this will help :)

Jan 16, 2012
Getting parakeet to stay on finger
by: Tracie

I am sorry this question went unanswered. Please read our bird training articles on our Parrot Training page for help with training your bird.

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