My Parakeet

by R

On August 8, 2007, I finally set out to get my first parakeet, Ranger. I did. Ranger and I got along very well. Christmas came along and the worst thing happened, December 28, 2007, he died, right in front of me in his cage! It was very sad.
A few weeks later I got a new parakeet, Snoball, (or snowball) In a few weeks he will be celebrating his second birthday! Snowball and I get along very well. I love that little bird! He is such a good friend. I love him a lot. I think Ranger is somewhere, helping me with Snowball and keeping snowball safe. I plan on having Snowball for many more years! He is very healthy and happy.

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Nov 07, 2009
Snoball the Parakeet
by: Tracie

Thanks for sharing your story. Please send us a picture sometime so we can all see him!

Most people feed Budgies a seed only diet, and that is why they die so young. They often die of fatty liver disease. If you are feeding your bird a seed diet, you can read our Switching Birds to Pellets article to help you switch to pellets and your bird will have the possibility to live a MUCH longer and healthier life.

In case you don't know, there are many things that are in your house that can potentially kill your bird too. Teflon coated irons, ironing board covers, toaster ovens and self cleaning ovens when heated really hot will emit a gas that will kill your bird. There are many other things too, please read our Non Toxic / Toxic for birds page.

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