my parakeet/budgie

my parakeet/budgie seemed lonly, so i left her at home in the care of my grandmother and my brother, to go get another parakeet in the city.
i got another parakeet and i stayed in the city for about a week but befor i got home my grandmother phoned me and told me that my old parakeet had died. and my grandmother had also said that befor they found my old parakeet lying in her cage she was cherping and singing a few hours befor her death.
was it because she was lonly? or would it have been something else?

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Mar 15, 2008
Budgie question
by: Tracie

I am so sorry to read of your loss.

I doubt your Budgie died because it was lonely. It could have died because it was old, or because it was sick.

You might want to consult an avian vet both about your bird that died and your new bird. He can test your bird that passed away for disease and check out your new bird also.

It is probably too late, but you need to sterilize the cage before putting the new Budgie to avoid possibly passing disease on to the new arrival. If you do not have a bird safe cleanser, please rinse the cage thoroughly before putting the bird in the cage. Also, do not use chemicals or cook with Teflon pans around your bird.

I have known of many Budgies that died of fatty liver disease from eating an all seed diet. If your bird is only eating seed, you should consider offering fresh, bird safe, foods and organic pellets as the main part of his diet.

If you live in a country that does not have pellets, then you can offer fresh vegetables and fruits that are safe for birds, preferably organic. It may take a long time for him to accept them as food, but eventually he will.

I have an article on our Parrot Training page that give you the steps to safely switch your parrot to pellets, but you can use the same method for encouraging him to eat fresh food.

We also have a Non Toxic / Toxic food list you should look at so that you do not offer food that will kill your bird.

Sorry for the long post, Tracie

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