my paraketet is lossing feathers

by nikollas
(brooklyn, new york, United States)

hi i have three different parakeets and they are all in the same cage. the question i wanted to ask is that there feathers all over there body looks dirty and in the last couple of days they are shedding feathers alot. i can even see loose feathers. There is no bald spot on them thought. please help i don't know if they are sick or not.

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Nov 23, 2011
my parakeet is loosing feathers
by: Anne

You need to get to an Avian Vets & fast.
Are they in A smoked filled home, do you spray, do they have bath's?
No criticisum's just questions.

Nov 22, 2011
by: Brani

In my experience with parrots-they are shedding feathers as we shed our hair...If there is no bold part -its normal...seasonal shedding...

Nov 22, 2011
Loss of feathers
by: Celeste

Hi there,

My budgie was going through this last year. Im pretty certain they are just malting as birds do that at least once a year. What season is it at the moment?
Also, if you notice little black things on your birds head thats a great indication they are malting, as they are the new feathers coming through.

If you seem in doubt though, i would go to an avian vet.

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