My Parrot has a swollen eye

by Mercedes Perera
(Miami, FL, U.S.)

Three days ago my parrot's eye has became swollen and pink, and hes unable to see through his eye. HE keeps scratching it and barely opens the eye. I think its probably a bacteria from his feces that has caused some sort of infection. But what can i give my bird so that it doesnt get worst.

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Dec 04, 2009
My Parrot has a swollen eye
by: Linda

DO NOT GIVE YOUR BIRD ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT COME AS A PRESCRIPTION FROM AN AVIAN VET OR YOU WILL RISK KILLING YOUR BIRD! Make an appointment as quickly as you can and take your bird into an Avian vet in your driving area.

Infections HAVE TO BE DIAGNOSED as to what type of bacteria or virus it is before any medications can be prescribed.

Please do not ever give your bird any medications you find in pet stores or that other people tell you to use. You don't know, and they don't know what kind of infection your bird has. The only people who WILL know are Avian Vets. Be wary of people giving you "home remedies" because many birds has died from these home remedies. Always take your bird to a trained professional when he is sick. Just like you would go to an eye doctor if your eye was swollen and sore, so your bird needs to be seen by a bird doctor.

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