my parrot is afraid of every thing except humans

by yooshau
(s.hithadhoo,addu atoll,Malives)

i have a sun conure but he is afraid every thing b.but he likes humans but now a days it stated bitting too .is there a solution for these

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Jun 28, 2010
my parrot is afraid of every thing except humans
by: Linda

Birds are ALWAYS afraid of new things in their environment including new toys, dishes, perches and any kind of changes like moving the cage to a new place.

Your bird may also need the services of an Avian (Bird) Vet. Tracie has a section here for help in finding an Avian Vet. Regular dog and cat vets do not know how to diagnose or treat parrot problems.

The reasons he may now be biting is either he is sick or there is something in his environment that is making him nervous and afraid all the time. Other pets like dogs and cats can keep a bird nervous and stressed. Small children make parrots very uneasy as small children's movements are erratic and quick.Excessive noise and confusion will keep a bird in an overly excited state which is very unhealthy for them. Fighting and loud arguments upset parrots as they are very sensitive to all around them.

You need to find an Avian vet in your area to see if he is ill. Then look at his environment including his cage and play area and see if there are pets, children or other noise causing him additional stress. Stress is a killer of both birds and humans, so you'll need to make sure his cage is in a quieter place so he can get proper rest and quiet. Parrots need 12 hours of darkness and quiet each day and about the same of light. Light coming through a window does not carry the full spectrum of colors bird needs to be healthy. You'll need to find and hang a full spectrum light high enough above his cage so he cannot get to it or be burned by it when outside cage.

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