My parrot is coughing in morning

by Lori
(Island Park, NY)

My parrot has made coughing noises, not like I would short breathy ones two days in the morning and a couple times during the day.

He is chewing on a dresser that may be wood or fake wood. The weather also has gotten colder.

Should I be worried? Does he need to see a vet? He is a panama amazon about 40 years old.


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Oct 07, 2009
"Coughing" parrot
by: The Vet

Yes, you need to have him looked at by an avian veterinarian. This could be a serious problem.

Dr B

Oct 06, 2009
by: Linda

OF COURSE YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED. Your bird has made it for 40 years, and it is your job to see that he makes it for maybe 30-40 more if possible.

Stop allowing him to chew on any wood you are not sure of. Dressers and other furniture have been either painted or varnished both of which are poison for birds. Only have natural wood perches in cage and natural unfinished wood for perches and toys, and make sure these are from safe woods for birds.

Your bird is sick and needs to be taken to an Avian vet as soon as is possible. If you delay, you could very well lose your bird, so do not delay. Birds need to go to Avian vet at least once a year for bloodwork and infection checks. As birds age, this becomes critical to keeping them healthy. Older birds develop the same problems older humans do like heart, kidney and liver problems, so once a year, take him in for a good overall checkup.


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