my parrot is geting cold and doesnt wanna eat anything

by tarren fortuin
(cape town south africa)

African Grey

African Grey

my parrot murphy don't want to eat anything since yesterday he just sits on one place open his mouth and doesn't move around as usual and has aproblem with his wings. P.S he's an african gray please help......

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Nov 09, 2012
im so happy
by: tarren fortuin

hi guys its me tarren guess what i got another two parrots the one's name is smurphy and the second one's name is gizmo how i love them lots like jelly tots someone write back 2 me please note that i say i dont like lindsay naidoo

Jul 22, 2012
by: tarren fortuin

my parrot murphy died im so sad im crying alot please buy me another

Apr 23, 2012
Parrot getting cold
by: Anonymous

I dont know where you live, and you didn't include much information. Some places this time of year are still cold, and some still even snowing.

You need to make sure the bird's cage is away from windows to prevent him from getting drafty. Make sure the house is at about 70*.

Try covering the cage at night as well to help keep him warm. I provide one of those cloth type perches for my bird to help keep her feet warm at night. A bird will always roost on the highest perch in the cage... so if you want to encourage him to sleep on it, make sure it's the higher perch.

If you're bird is cold, he will keep his wings at his side to help preserve body heat. And chances are he won't eat if he's too cold.

Yes, there could be a good chance your bird is also sick. Especially if he won't eat. So a trip to the avian vet would be a great idea just to ensure he's healthy. Then you will know for sure it's just him being cold.
Better safe then sorry, and risk losing your little friend. Birds needs vets too. Please be sure he gets a wellness exam at least once a year.

Good luck!

Apr 23, 2012
GO see a vet. Please:)
by: Dia

Aloha. I agree.
Murphy needs medical attention pronto
take him to an avian vet to make sure
Everything is ok. birds don't show signs
Of illness often times until they are very I'll
I pray everything is ok, but don't second guess
See your dr right away
Best of luck

Apr 22, 2012
getting cold
by: Anonymous

What do you mean getting cold? Is there anything around his cage that is scaring him or anything around he may have eaten that he shouldn't have? Try holding him, if he is cold get him to a warmer place, but if you really think that this is not normal for him take him to a avian vet. It is better to be safe than sorry and the vet can tell you if your bird is ill.

Apr 22, 2012
Sick parrot not eating
by: Tracie

You will need to Find an Avian Vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be.

If you do not have an avian vet where you live, that you know of, then find a good breeder and ask them where they take their sick birds.

You must hurry or your bird will die.

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