My parrot lets off a friendly high pitched noise its hurting my mum's ears badly, how can we stop this?

by Edward

Rima is a Meyers Parrot and is a couple of years old. She has done it for a while, she does it randomly and we have tried posative re-enforcement when she's quiet and that didnt work, (its wrong i know but) we have also tried negative re-enforcement by tapping the cage when she does it to show she gets a scare if she does it but, she does it all the more, when she is praised again for being quiet but she does it when she is getting attention aswell. Its like a dog whistle that you can hear. Its driving us all nuts. She still hasnt got the point. Its getting so frequent, we're at the point of getting rid of her and we dont want to because she is lovely and friendly but the screaming chirp is really painfull. I had it right in my ear once when near her cage and had a ringing ear for an hour or two. please what can we do? I dont want to get rid of her and my mum especialy as its her bird.

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Aug 24, 2018
noisy lovebird
by: Anonymous

my lovebird is in a cage in front of my room wide open
free to fly out and chew paper strips for his tail all day long
He still calls out first
A loud shrill that keeps my brain buzzing and my eardrums pounding
I run to the bathroom and pour peroxide in my ear to relieve the pain

Feb 13, 2018
Just say "I don't know" if you don't.
by: Anonymous

You didn't answer thus person's question.

Editor's note: Not sure if you didn't see the other replies, but others attempted to help. Also there are training articles at for ideas on training a bird to stop irritating behaviors.

Dec 22, 2017
High pitched chirp
by: Anonymous

My African grey is doing the same thing. It is infuriating!. It started about two months ago. It is such a sharp noise that you can not ignore it or keep from reacting, and I swear he waits until you are close to her to do it. We have tried ignoring it,, and punishing, as well as positive reinforcement. It is making everyone miserable. I am seriously considering getting rid of him because I am upset and angry all the time. He is perfectly healthy. This is not an issue if health or lighting or anything else that I have read . I am at my wits end.

May 13, 2011
Thankyou Edward and Linda
by: Linda, Rima's owner

Just to say, Rima is a very happy healthy friendly bird, she squeals because it gains her a form of attention. She is two and a half years old, eats seeds and fruits, vegetables and sometimes, tiny pieces of my toast. I have tried not to notice her when she squeals and praise her profusely when she 'tooks', chirps and chatters. She has a wide set of noises for various things, from play to warnings (cat nearby or magpie in the garden!)
The squeal wouldnt worry me normally, except it causes pain and leaves me with ringing. What is worse is when she catches me unawares, I react and that makes her jump- I don't like this- she is a real treasure. The only human word she says is 'Rima' her name.
She seems to use this squeal more than anything else, despite all the attention she receives. I Have been trying to stop the squeal in a positive way but that just seems to have failed. I often react, when she catches me, with a yell at her of 'Please don't Rima THAT HURTS!!!'- but she only speaks Parrot and doesn't understand, she just squeals again...and again..and.. What am I doing wrong? I would like some ideas to try...pleeeeease.

Sep 13, 2010
Thanks for the reply.
by: Edward

Thanyou for replying.

I dont think its a pain issue, she has been a happy healthy bird since we got here and when watching her do this noise she makes no wince or move ment other than an opening of the beak and then a painful noise. Although just in case we will have her checked just to be on the safe side.

Upon reading other commenters who also have meyers parrots they too seem to make this noise. I was going to record her making this noise but my camera can't pick up on the noise she makes as its to high a pitch. Although it records my budgies and canary singing very well.

Upon writing this, my mum had read on a website and told me that the noise i describe is actually what meyers and senagals do as a call, so they do it naturaly. If you leave the room or eyeshot, they make this noise to check you're there, or in our case "OI! WHERE HAVE YOU GONE!!!" and because they want attention.

Thankyou for replying so swiftly and for being so helpful.

Edward ^_^

Sep 12, 2010
High pitched noise is hurting...
by: Linda

Edward, the very first thing you need to do is to take this bird to an Avian Vet in your driving area to be checked for physical causes for this sound. I've heard many parrot sounds, and this one sounds a lot like a noise made because of a pain somewhere. It may not be that, and before any possible training can take place, bird has to be seen by Avian Vet to rule in or out physical causes.

To speak of "getting rid of her" without first taking her to an Avian Vet is not a responsible reaction to the problem. Maybe the bird is having a pain somewhere, and emits this sound when it hurts. This could be from an injury or something wrong with feet and legs. It can be from many physical causes, so you have to have an Avian Vet examine her and then if she is healthy, there are some training links on the Parrot Training page.

Any training people will need to know exactly how she is living. Like what food she eats and how much, what kind of cage and how large or small, what kinds of perches she is sitting on, where her cage is located, is she getting enough rest. Birds have to have around 12 hours of darkness and quiet each night and about the same of daylight. Full spectrum light does not come through a window and has to be replicated using full spectrum lights that can be found various places on the internet. The Vita-Lite full spectrum lighting is one of them. You cannot use a colored light from a home project store because these are just colored to show the full spectrum, and do not actually emit the full spectrum of color rays birds need to be healthy.

The Avian Vet will also need all this information and more, so make notes about everything before the visit along with any questions you may have for them. The Vet cannot help you or bird without a complete history on your bird. Once they have thoroughly examined bird and done any needed tests, then they may either find something physically wrong or offer some suggestions as to other reasons this is happening. Birds do not try to hurt people's ears, and they cannot be blamed if they have not been seen by an Avian Vet to rule out physical causes. Your bird relies on you to take care of it, and regular at least yearly trips to Avian Vet is part of having a bird.

Let us know how this goes, and please take her in as quickly as you can because this does not sound right at all and lends credence to some type of physical problem.


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