my parrot specie

by musa
(lahore pakistan)

this parrot came to my home flying i want to know whats its specie and will it talk and what is its age
please e mail your responce if more pics wanted then tell me

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Jun 09, 2011
Alexandrine parakeet help
by: Tracie

I think some of the people reading this did not notice you are in Pakistan. You can read a little about the Alexandrine Parakeet on our Parakeet Information page. We also have a couple of stories written by Alexandrine parakeet owners at the bottom of the page. Just click the picture and it will open to their stories.

Keeping this bird separated for any other birds you may have is important. It may be thin because it is sick, young, or any number of reasons. Until you have it examined by an avian vet, and get it on a proper diet, you should not allow it to be around other birds.

I hope you enjoy your new bird!

Jun 09, 2011
my parrot specie
by: Linda

This is a Ringneck Parakeet, and I can tell you right off that he is sick and way too thin. The first thing you need to do is have him examined by an Avian Vet in your area because it is easy for parrots to contract all kinds of infections and parasites from wild birds outside. The other issue, is he is too thin which indicates mal-nutrition. Be sure and inform avian vet that he has been outside for a while so they can test for parasites inside and out plus infections both bacterial and viral.

If you do not take him to avian vet, he may die slowly or suddenly. All rescued birds and all new birds from pet stores have to be examined immediately by an avian vet as both kinds are already sick and sometimes near death with some kind of infection.

You can answer the rest of your questions yourself by getting a good book about the Ringneck Parakeet and looking up more information on the internet. Being a bird owner carries serious responsibilities like providing high quality, wholesome food, large cage, safe toys, clean environment and trips to Avian Vets when sick or injured. We recommend Avian Vet visits once a year to make sure our birds stay healthy.

As I said your bird is dangerously thin and needs immediate avian vet care, so do not delay and risk him dying.

Find an Avian Vet


Jun 09, 2011
Lost parrot?
by: Jani

Did you mean it's a lost bird that flew into your home?

If so, I urge you to look for the owner - contact local vets to check if the bird is microchipped. If my bird went missing, I'd be heartbroken - please do try to reunite this little one with his/her family!

Jun 09, 2011
what type of bird
by: Anonymous

Think its called an Indian Ring Neck if thats any help to you usually get a dark ring around the neck if male

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