my parrot stopped talking

by misha

HI, I am really depressed about my parrot I have a 7 month Indian ring neck female. straight after i clipped her wings she seems different she stopped talking which is making me guilty and upset. she cant fly any more for her own safety will she ever talk again?
how long will it take for her to start talking again?

please help me and reply back as soon as you can

thank you

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Jul 01, 2015
Bird trauma after wing clipping
by: Tracie

Unless the groomer injured your bird while clipping the wings, your bird should be fine in a couple of days. If the bird remains quiet, please take the bird to an avian vet.

If you can't create a bird safe space for your bird, then clipping the wings is the only way for your bird to safely be out of the cage. But even with clipped wings, if you allow the bird to walk on the floor, it can still get sick or injured. Make sure the bird stays with you, and only stands on bird safe items.

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