My parrot will not get on my finger any more

by Sharon

My parrot, Sarah, used to get on my finger any time, from any where. Now she avoids me and flies from place to place. It is an ordeal to get her back in the cage.

My daughter can come and she will get on her finger and play with her and even repeat new words for her, who she rarely sees. Does any one have any ideas why she wants to avoid me, and how do I change her back?

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Jan 23, 2008
Parrot avoiding you
by: Tracie

Hello Sharon,

It is impossible to know why your bird is acting this way. I wonder if she has just chosen your daughter over you?

There are many reasons a parrot will change like this. I have listed a few below.

You offended the bird by disciplining or doing something it didn't want you to do and now it doesn't trust you. (Trust might can be rebuilt.)

You have a new fragrance from a shampoo or something that the bird does not like.

You changed your hair style, but this would only cause a problem for a short time.

I would suggest that you sit next to the cage or the bird, if she is out, and talk sweetly to her and offer a favorite treat. Respect the bird at all cost right now. You need to gain her favor, not driver her farther away from you.

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