My parrot's throat has a swallowing problem

by Mary
(Warwickshire )

My African gray find it hard to swallow seed. He is lethargic for a month now

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Feb 18, 2017
My parrot's throat has a swallowing problem
by: Sandra D Singh

Hello Mary,

According to you, your African gray finds it hard to swallow seed and he's lethargic for a "month" now and YOU ARE HERE because you want to know what's the problem is?
You may think that I'm very harsh to ask this question that I'm going to ask below while your poor little bird has a problem; I'm very sorry for him but I'm NOT talking to your dear little bird but to YOU.
Mary, I don't know if you do have any children or not but my question is: If your son had a problem swallowing, would you've kept him at home for ONE WHOLE MONTH searching on the internet to know if anyone knew what the problem was? I just can't believe you would!
You should've taken your poor little bird to an Avian Vet the day or the day after you noticed that he was not swallowing because you DO NOT KNOW what was wrong with him. Birds can die in a couple of DAYS without eating and drinking anything. They're so very small and it's so much their little crops can hold; just think about it.
Our animals, not only birds are our little babies who are very special to us and I know that you love your bird with all your heart so you should NOT think twice about taking your bird to an Avian vet to figure out the problem.

I've an Orange Wing Amazon name Sid and Emma is a Green Cheek Cinnamon Conure and they're my world! Sometimes my daughter would say "mom I think that you love Emma and Sid more than me" and I always say, yep I know! I treat my birds just like my daughter because to me THEY ARE MY CHILDREN. They can mimic me but they can't speak to let me know when they're feeling ill. I HAVE to pay special attention to them and look for signs to know when they're ill. They're so dependent upon me and trust that I WILL look after them properly. They do know that I love them because I SHOW THEM THE LOVE BY TREATING THEM RIGHT.
Mary, children can speak and tell you when they are not feeling well but not our dear little birds who give us their unconditional love so WE HAVE to be there for them in the time when they need us THE MOST and give them that same love in return.
God will bless us and everyone else for taking care of not only birds but ALL ANIMALS."I THINK" that we all will gain MORE blessings from the Lord by taking care of animals and sick people, whether young or old compared to going to church and singing his praises; God will prefer us to have a kind heart and help all his children (Animals and humans) than ONLY going to church singing his praises.
I've written the above, not only to Mary but to everyone and especially those who have pets. Take care of your pets as if they are your little children because THEY ARE NOT LESS!

May the Good Lord bless us all!

Feb 17, 2017
Bird with swallowing difficulty
by: Tracie

There is nothing that can be suggested here, you must get your bird to an avian vet for a diagnosis and treatment. There isn't just a "this is what you do" for something you have no idea what is wrong or what is causing it. And the fees are set by the avian vet you go to.

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