my parrott keeps laying eggs up to 7 and counting

by Wanda

I have been taking the eggs out because she wont come out to eat or drink enough I feel when the egg is there. All of her eggs are unfertilized . I heard if I keep taking them out she will keep laying ,what should I do?

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Apr 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

I just went through egg laying with my quaker. As long as the eggs are not cracked or damaged, let her sit on them. The more you remove, the more she will lay. After a while, if the eggs do not hatch they will be abandoned, then its safe to remove them. I was told if I removed all eggs, she could keep laying well into the summer. I had 4 that have since been abandoned, and we are all done with the grandeggs! Thank god.
Please don't keep removing. You don't want her turning into a chronic egg machine. Also, be sure to offer extra calcium while laying. Laying really depletes their calcium . Egg shells that have been microwaved for a couple minutes and crushed over the food are usually eaten right up. They love em!
Good luck with your little mama bird.

Apr 26, 2009
Parrot laying eggs
by: Tracie

If the bird wants to sit on the eggs, then you need to let her. Please read the Chronic Egg Laying article on our Parrot Training pagefor more information.

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