my pet is sick..........!

by saika

i have a 2 months old baby Alexander parrot when i brought him he is only 2 weeks old after some bays i brought him he is having loose stool and vomiting i used to feed him by syringe a cerelac,till now he is having vomiting and don't eat i have to feed him by force and all the times she vomit and fly off when i bring his food and syringe he is getting weak day by day not taking his feeds properly i am so much worried i visit to number of vet each vet tell different medication and i give him number of treatment but nothing works,,his condition is still the same please advice me something?

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Nov 30, 2011
Needed Alexander parrot
by: Anonymous

Please can someone gimme their numbers as i intend to buy a Alexander parrot too...please help me with a good breeder...Thanks a lot

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Jul 29, 2011
Avian Vet


I am really sorry on reading the condition of ur Bird but now u have to run to an avian specialist in mumbai..

It is hard to get the Appointment of DR.Yuvraj but no one can beat him in the Avian Medicine & Surgery .Morever he provides Tele Medicine Internationally and is a well known vet.

My African Grey Parrot was almost dead but he saved him in no time , I am sure may lives will be saved when we have such good Avian Veterinarians in India


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MUMBAI ? 400021

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Jul 28, 2011
by: saika

actually i buy two Alexander parrot before this one and the died not actualy died the are caught by the cat who kill them but at that time the are ill two........!
this one is my third parrot i brought it through net from on of the person i contact on facebook he has his own farms i saw hat and asked him for a baby alexander parrot if he sold and after a week he arranged and sold this alexander parakeet to me i asked him for a male alexander parrot because i have a one year old femae alexander parrotand i don't want her live alone through out the life that why i bring this parrot male for him so thaat this will be the pair i don't really buy them for breeding just because i want the elder female alexander not to live alone.
i myself ask for a young too young parrot because i do read many times that at young stage there are more chances to train your parrot, that why i asked for young parrot and i used to feed him with syring cerelac also take him to vet for vacction than after some weeks her feets wewr getting warm and he his having watery poops than i went to vet again he said he is suffering from andy virus and give me medcines........
but nothing works and he is getting ill day by day then again and again i visit to the same vet but all goes useless than on net i do contact number of vets i tried all the medcines they tell me but again all goes waste....
then i went to another vet some where else near there we live and he said there is a need to vaccine him again because the last vet don't do correct vaccine and he do vaccines again and also say that my parrot is suffering from andy and gives me medcines that works and ny parrot is getting better then........1
now again its abouts 20 day after he is getting better a vet on facebook asked me and other vets i concerned that stop giving him cerelac than one vet asket me to make a powder od some seed type thing he told there name and its for its better health but now again the problm happen my parrot is not taking any thing to eat he stayed hungry all the day when i used to feed him by force he vomits.......!
and because of not taking foods for long time he is getting week often he also have watery poop but not all the time but refuse to take any thing....!
now please do hep me what can i do....?

Jul 26, 2011
Sick baby bird
by: Tracie

I am sorry your bird is sick. I am VERY sorry you purchased a bird so young. Dr B can not help your bird, because he can't examine your bird and run any tests.

You say you have taken your bird to vets, but you didn't say what the diagnosis was. If the vets are just giving medicine without a diagnosis, that is your problem. Ask the person your got the bird from what avian vet they take their birds to. If they can't tell you, then there is your answer. They sold you a sick bird that likely has no hope of getting better. They just wanted your money, they don't care about the birds they sell.

Don't purchase unweaned birds. Don't purchase birds from people that have unhealthy birds. If the bird you want to purchase has never been seen by an avian vet then you don't want to purchase the bird. If you do purchase the bird, accept the fact that it might have a disease or be in poor health and may die at a very young age.

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