My pigeon missed a dose of canker medication- what do I do?

by christina

Hello, how are you going? I live in Australia and I need help quickly becuase it is Easter long weekend and all the vets are closed for 4 days. A wild pigeon who visits our yard every day has become one of my best friends and has been coming for years. He looked very sick so I took him to the bird vet a few days ago. He lets me pick him up and pat him as I feed him and give him water, as well as the rest of the wild flock who come daily.

The bird vet said he had canker in his throat and beak, and worms. She trated the worms, and she took all the stuff out of his throat, but she sent him home for Easter with 3 lots of medication, and said that he has to come back after Easter as he still has some canker behind his sinus and on the side of his mouth.

I gave him his first lots of 3 medications, but he looked sad in the cage so I let him out and he stayed and played all day like he always does, but I came out too late in the evening and he had flown away for the night, with all the other pigeons, to where ever they go and sleep every night. I know he will be back tomorrow morning and will stay all day till evening, as he has been doing that every day for years, so I know I can give him his medication twice a day like I have to for the rest of the 5 days, but does it matter how he missed a dose tonight?

I left it too late to go out as my Mum was feeling sick and I made her food, and when I went out he was gone for the night. What should I do? Thanks heaps for your help, I do appreciate it a lot

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Apr 22, 2011
Missed medication
by: Tracie

All you can do is get the bird back on track. You can't go back in time. ;-) Let the vet know after Easter, but in my experience they just say if you miss a dose to give it to them when you remember and continue as directed.

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