My pigeons canker has gone but now he has a hole in the roof of his mouth

by Christina

Hello, how are you going? :-) My pigeon had canker so I took him to the avian vet as I found it hard to give him his medications as he kept running away. Now he has been in there for one week and they have given him all his medications and the canker has gone they said.

I seriously need advice about what to do next. Today I rang the avain vet and he said that my bird doesn not have canker any more- the canker has gone, but there is a problem he said- my pigeon has a hole in the roof of his mouth. He said the canker did that damage before I had taken my bird to the vet. The avian vet said that he is trying to get to the bottom of the hole, and he is getting lots of gunk out of the hole every day, but as yet he hasn't got to the bottom of the hole, so he deoesn't know how deep in the hole goes.

The avian vet said that if it is only a small hole and he can find the end of the hole of then my bird will be okay, but if the hole goes all the way to my birds skull then he will have to be put down the avain vet said.

Help! I don't want him to be put down, I want him to get better and come home with me, he is my best friend. What should I do? Can he still live happily if I take him home and he has a hole in the roof of his mouth? Can't they do a skin graft or somthing and repair the hole or something? I have been crying all day, what should I do?

THe vet said in 2 days he will know whether he can get to the bottom of the hole or not and so I am going in 2 days to seee my bird and to talk to the vet and to pay all the money to the vet and I hope I can take him home

THe vet said that if he keeps getting more and more gunk out of the hole and if he can't find the bottom of the hole then he will have to be put down because the only way to tell how deep the hole is would be to put him under anasthetic and to split his head open and have a look which is not good the avain vet said so it would be better if he put him down he said. I don't want to kill my best friend. What do you all think?

Thanks heaps for your help, I do appreciate it a lot

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May 14, 2011
My bird is well! :-)
by: Christina

Hello to you all, I have excelelnt news today!

I have been praying a lot, and God made my bird better :-) The avian vet rang today and said that they found the end of the hole, and the hole only goes to the bone in he roof of his mouth, and they said that my bird is going to be fine! :-)

I am so happy! They said that he is eating on his own now, and that he loves peas, and they said that he is a real guts, and he is eating all the peas :-)

They are going to keep him at the avian vets for a few more days, and then he can come home. I'm so happy! :-)

Thanks heaps to you all for your help, I do appreciate it a lot

Ps- if you EVER see a sick pigeon, open its beak and see if there is yellow stuff in its throat and/or yellow sores in its mouth. If there is, it is CANKER and it is one of the most common pigeon deseases and it can be treated just with flagyl tablets for one week, but if they don't get treated they die. That's something I learnt in the last few weeks

May 13, 2011
Bird with hole in roof of mouth
by: The Avian Vet

I would need to see your bird before I could, give you a diagnosis or prognosis. Birds normally have a hole in the roof of the mouth. It is called a choana. But if the choana got infected then there could be material in there needs to come out. I feel like nasal flushes would help, too.

The doctor could take x-rays to see if the skull is damaged. Canker is not something that generally leads to death unless it is a very severe case. If the case is severe and eroded the roof of the mouth, it will need to be surgically corrected, if it can be corrected. There are things that can be done before putting him down.

Dr B

May 12, 2011
My pigeons canker has gone but now he has a hole in the roof of his mouth
by: Linda

My Dear Sweet Christina, I am SO worry to hear this about your Beloved Bird. Please try and calm down and listen to my words. My words will not make your bird all better, and they will help you deal with this terrible situation.

First, this is far more serious than a canker sore. This sounds very much like a form of cancer the way it is eating through his bone structure.

When you are able to go back to the avian vet, please, please get yourself as composed as is possible because I feel, in my heart of hearts, that this situation is not going well for your bird. I could be wrong, but as I sit here, I have chills from head to toe and it is hot here, so chills are for you and your precious bird.

The only thing I can say to you at a time like this is your bird is in terrible pain and if this continues to eat away at him, his pain will grow worse to the point he will need to be released from his sick body. Do what you have to do and do it for him. If avian vet DOES find an end to the hole, then this may can be fixed so bird heals. If not, and I'm feeling not may be the case, please be strong for your bird. The most loving and unselfish thing we sometimes have to do for our pets is to release them from a pain-racked body so they can fly or run free without pain on the other side.

Though this may not seem the time for it, I need to say one more thing. Please have avian vet perform a necropsy if your bird does have to be put to sleep so you can have closure as to WHY he died. This could be important to the other birds you feed and care for in case it is from some kind of chemical poisoning or such.

My heart, full of love and sorrow, goes out to you, and I write this through my tears for you and your sweet little bird. Let us know how everything goes, and know that I'll write you back if you write in again for as long as you need someone to talk with about this. I would also like to know what caused this terrible thing in case there is something that can be done to prevent another bird from suffering the same fate.

Love Much and Always,

May 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Ronidazole is the best cure for canker but i do not know why there is a hole in is mouth

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