my pionus parrot bit the bottom of his feet.

by Chrissy Remaly
(Easton, pa 18040)

About a year ago I noticed a growth on the bottom of his one foot; could have been from him bitting then. This winter he has been bitting the bottom of his feet, I saw small amount of blood on his perch. He is bitting both feet. I was thing because it's dry? I have electric heat and I think he was bitting last winter. It's hard to tell, I dont see the bottom of his feet much. I been cleaning his perches daily and put triple antibiotic on it. My husband is out of work and money is very tight, the vet needs the money up front, I'm not sure what to do. I will take him as soon as I can.

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Mar 10, 2012
Bird biting bottom of feet
by: The Avian Vet

This may not be caused by biting. It may be a case of bumblefoot which is caused by poor nutrition and improper perches. Dryness can be irritating and cause dry skin and other problems including picking and chewing. I recommend that you provide humidity to prevent drying of the skin, feathers, and respiratory tract.

I also recommend that you take him to a specialist for appropriate diagnostics and treatments. Find an Avian Vet For now, make sure he has a variety of perches including a pedicure perch, rope perch and natural branches. Also be sure to feed a good pellet diet like Harrison's.

Dr B

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