My Poor Sick Little Man! - Blue Crown Conure

by Jennie

Hi, My Blue Crown, Samson is 27 years old this year! I rescued him when i was just a girl (16 years old)I am 39 years old now. So as far as I know I have his age right as i was told he was about 2 years old when I got him!

I have always been able to play with him etc but never does he let me touch him or ever step up! Trust me I have tried everything! So I have just had to respect the he is! My problem is now, he is sick and he has been in the vet hospital for 3 weeks! He has never been ill in all the years I have had him! However, I have always bought my bird food from Pets at home. I never knew I was feeding him rubbish!! I always read on whats good for my bird but I didnt look to see what seed would be bad! I have an African Grey aswell!

Samson has now an en-larged liver, I am with him all the time (I do work however) When I was washing up I heard him flutter really badly! He lost the use of his left leg. At first I thought he broke it but thought how!! about 30 to 45 seconds later he could use it again! 30 mins later it happened again! I called a vet right away! I took him in!

To cut a long story short, an exotic bird vet looked at him and said the seed I have been given him had taken its toll!! (i do give him fruit & veg to)The food I had purchased was full of fungus ( not that you could see that as a regular person)it put him over the edge! No one told me about Tidy Mix!

I now have to try myself to administer drugs into him everyday! He really hates it and he seems to have lost all trust in me! It was fine for the 1st few days but now he is having none of it!!! He does not take food or treats out of my hand as he likes to inspect everything! So has anyone got advise for me to get around this problem? If he dont take the meds he will die! Its liquid form but cannot go in his food or water! Im buggered hey?!!!!

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Apr 13, 2011
My Poor Sick Little Man! - Blue Crown Conure
by: Linda

I'm very sorry for your situation and know that your bird is slowly dying probably of fatty liver disease plus the fungus. What fungus does is grow throughout the body until the bird dies. Liver problems come from all seed diets all a bird's life, and eventually cause death from fatty liver disease or other nutritionally related issues.

You need to take him back to Avian Vet so they can give him his meds and continue taking care of him until it is time to humanely euthanize him.

The fungus on seeds was not your fault and this can happen to anyone. Feeding him seeds all his life when organic pellets are readily available was something you could have handled. If and when you get another bird, do a great deal of study as to everything they will need to stay happy and healthy. There are organic pelleted diets on this site, and Harrison's
is Avian Vet recommended and I've used it with my Amazons for almost two decades and am very pleased with how healthy they stay.

I'm so sorry about your bird, and know that he is acting the way he is because he is critically ill and feels awful and may in lots of pain. As difficult as this may be, when you take him back to Avian Vet, discuss euthanization if his chances of survival are low or if he is in a great deal of pain. Your gift to him could be to let him leave his broken, sick and tired body, so don't shy away from discussing this with your avian vet. It could very well be the most loving action you can take with him at this point. Euthanization requires your courage and an ability to put your bird's needs before your own. You are his friend, so do what's best for him.

Our hearts are with you, and let us know how this goes as we are always here.

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