My Pregnant Parakeeet needs help!!

by Hakeber

I need help now! My parakeet of 8 years just laid 7 eggs with her son(from the first batch:shes layed eggs before but with a nesting box) and shes laying on the bottom of the cage on metal bars. first of all the cage is super dirty and im worried for her health.

She is the most friendly bird. Before she was pregnant she would fly to us when we would walk by etc. A vet told us that she might consider us as part of her flock. I found the 7 egg under a ladder in her cage and moved it right in front of her. minutes later she pulled the egg under herself. so i assumed she trusted me. i made a makeshift nest out of soft towels and placed it in the cage. she just layed there watching me. so then about 45 min later when she got off the eggs i moved the eggs onto the towel.

its been about 15-20 minutes and she still hasnt gone down to sit on them. i made a huge mistake!!! what should i do!!!!