My Princess Parrot Keeps closing his eyes

by James G
(Queensland Australia)

my princess parrot (18 months old) keeps falling asleep or closing his eyes for long periods, do you think he is lacking in something ? he does not eat fruit or veggies I have tried him on just about everything, he just eats seeds. Could anybody recommend supplements I can give him pls thankyou

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Mar 30, 2015
Bird sleeping often
by: Tracie

Birds do nap, some nap a lot. Is this new behavior? (An avian vet visit is suggested) You can kill your bird giving supplements. I killed my first bird with the recommended supplement by a pet store. You don't know what the bird is lacking, or may already have too much of without testing.

As far as diet goes, please take the time to convert your bird to pellets, so your bird doesn't die the painful death of liver failure. I have two articles on my Parrot Training page that give directions for converting your bird over.

Even though one is titled for budgies, it works for all birds, so read that one too. Please remember it may take months for your bird to see pellets as food, don't expect to convert the bird in a week, even though it may take to pellets the first day. ;-)

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