my quaker "Corkey"

by Trish
(Rochester NY)

I have had my Quaker for over a year. We received him from a bird rescue in our area. I keep reading about how much the Quaker likes to play with its toys however mine does not play with its toys much at all. He does have a leg band and I am thinking he was born in 1999 making him almost 9.

When I have him out he will sometimes play with a top to a water bottle or soda top. I play tug with him with crumbled paper also. I try to introduce him to new toys and he appears to be afraid of them. He is getting to the point where if I hang a new toy in his cage is does not want to enter his cage. I have even tried leaving it out side of his cage for a week or more so he gets use to it but that is not working either.

His perches need replacing I have introduced new ones into his cage and he won't walk on them he continues to use the old ones. Do you have any suggestions for me to get him to play... he would be so much happier if he would play with his toys.

He does in late afternoon talk a-lot when he is hanging out on top of his cage some things you can make out others you can not. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thanks so much.

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May 27, 2008
by: Trish

Thanks for your help.

May 22, 2008
Quaker doesn't like change
by: Tracie

Wow, this is a tough question!

It seems you are doing the best you can, so I don't know if I can come up with anything new. The only thing you might possibly try is Kings No Stress homeopathic remedy. We sell that on this site and some have said that it really does calm their birds, but others don't see a change.

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