my quaker has a broken leg

by dulce flores
(chicago il)

I live in chicago ill and its 10:00 pm here my little sis was holdin my little bird and when I notice he couldn't walk and his little leg goes to the side, am really scare he might die. What can I do, am only 18 and I can't afford a vet they are verry expensive is there a vet that doesn't charge a lot or what can I put in his leg.

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Oct 23, 2010
Quaker with broken leg
by: Tracie

Dr B can NOT help you, because your bird needs to get to an avian vet for in person help. Most vets take payments. Surely your parents understand that you don't get a pet if you can't take care of their needs when they get hurt.

You can look for an avian vet on our Find an Avian Vet page. If one is not listed on this page, do a search from the links at the top of the page. Tell the vet that you need to make payments and hopefully one will see your bird.

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