My quaker is chewing holes in my shirts!

by Jill
(Springfield, Illinois)

Hi! I just took in a 3 year old female quaker that has been neglected. Elizabeth has to be on me at all times and "QUAKES" when we are separated. I love having her on me but she is chewing holes in my shirts! I put a towel over my shoulder but she moves it with her beak to get to my shirt. SMART! I bought a shoulder wrap from Parrot-and-Conure World that seems to help. She likes the toys and chews on it. Is there any way to teach her to stop?

She is discovering everything for the first time so I hope this will pass. From the way she acts, I don't think she has every been out of her cage. But now she is surround by love, toys and friends. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. Thanks!

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May 25, 2010
Us too!
by: Anonymous

I just brought home a sun conure that likes to chew on my shirt. He won't step up or step on my shoulder, but, he likes to stand on the edge of his cage and 'chew' my shirt. He isn't ingesting anything, and he will then 'preen' my arms or face.

I did have him clipped for safety reasons today, and he is 'shaking his wings' or maybe 'shivering' or 'quaking' is a better description. I am his second owner, his first gave him up because they weren't able togive him th attention he needs with her having to go back to work full time. He has been well loved, and cared for well, especially medically.

I am very intetested to hear how things turned out with your quaker.

Apr 26, 2010
My quaker is chewing holes in my shirts!
by: Linda

Well, this is a problem that needs to be addressed with some training. FIRST, FIND AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR AREA TO CHECK BIRD OUT FOR INFECTIONS, PARASITES AND/OR OTHER PHYSICAL PROBLEMS. Maybe you already have, and if not, any neglected bird needs to be immediately seen by an Avian vet because they have been neglected in their diet, physical body and emotionally.

After she is either given medicine and/or given a clean bill of health, there are some training materials on her Parrot Training page you may wish to look at. If she is perchance eating your shirt material, this will cause a major abdominal impaction requiring surgery, so hopefully not.

Sounds like you love her and hopefully you're weaning her off seeds and onto one of the organic pellets Tracie has on her bird pellets and mixes page. Get organic because the cheaper stuff is cheaper for a reason--because it is less quality with added preservatives, pesticide and fertilizer residue. Actually, it is NOT cheaper in that birds do not come to their optimum health eating seeds or a lesser quality pellet and get sick a lot.

Let us know what the vet has to say after her visit and thank you very much for taking her in as it sounds as if she finally has a decent home.


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