My Quaker Is shaking head "NO" and

by Sandy

My 4 month old quaker is shaking his head NO and making a noise only when anyone in the house tries to have it perch on our finger (Step-up) he will eventually step up but shakes head NO ..We have only had him 7 days... he eats fine and grooms us so I dont know what he is doing...

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Jun 03, 2009
Head Shaking
by: LovingQuakerOwner

Do not be too alarmed by this head shaking motion. Quakers are known for this behavior and it is their namesake. Most people report that only really young quakers do this when eating. My quaker does the quake whenever he is being petted, told "no bite", or to "step-up". We've come to realize that this means he is under great stress to behave in the way that we'd like.
He tries very hard to "be a good boy" but the pressure is causing him to behave in a way that HE considers submissive. We know this because if we linger for anything more than two seconds after petting him, he will lose his resolve and turn around and bite. He is letting us know that 'I'll let you do this b/c it pleases you, but it makes me uncomfortable.'
You do not want to make your bird submissive, as it damages trust and your bird will rebel against you eventually. Quakers tend to prefer more cooperative relationships with their owners, if trained well(If not, then you are the pet and they 'own' you!). So, just pay attention to your quaker's body language, as it is indicative of it's feelings, and stop whatever you are doing that precedes the head shaking. He or she will come around when they feel it is emotionally safe to do so.

Dr. K.T.

Apr 27, 2009
head shaking
by: Anonymous

Is it a fast shake, or a swaying back and forth? My quaker is always swaying back and forth , turning her head from side to side and doing this loud chirp - its a love thing. If it is just the head , I agree take the baby to a vet. It might have a medical problem.

Apr 26, 2009
Bird shaking head not normal
by: The Vet

Take him to see an avian veterinarian. The head shaking is not normal.

Dr B

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