my quaker parrot chick dead

by fredrick coates
(drumheller, ab ,canada)

hello my quakers have a clutch of 4 eggs she has hatcjed 2 healthy chicks and this eveing the 3 chic as hatch with a green ish sacs still attached to it and it was dead what happened to it?????????/ please heelp me \

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Feb 04, 2013
my quaker parrot chick dead
by: Linda

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell cause of death without having avian vet do a necropsy on the body. There are too many variable factors in play here to guess at what caused your baby bird's death. Infection is passed from parents to the chicks, so if you did not have parents examined by an avian vet prior to breeding this can be part of the problem. The living chicks need to be taken to an avian vet only for an exam for infection right away because when one has an infection, all have an infection because both viral and bacterial infections are highly contageous.

I'd suggest taking the parents and the living chicks to avian vet right away because if the other chicks have infections, they will also die without diagnosis and treatment from an avian vet only.

You can use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your birds.

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