My Quaker Parrot is scared of everything?

by Stacy

Quaker Parrot

Quaker Parrot

I have a 11 month old hand-fed and weaned Quaker parrot, he is DNA ed 'boy' and he is scared of everything, I mean EVERYTHING! He gets scared when I change his water and food, he jumps out of his cage when frighten. He's scared of his toys until they've been in there at least a week. I don't know why he does this, he has been doing this since we got him from a pet store at 6 months.

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Jul 22, 2018
Quaker parrot
by: Anonymous

My Quaker is afraid of everything but I've just learned to deal with it but if it gets to the point where he gets overly stressed I'd reccomend avimed anti aggressive anti stress powder for his food
And side note it's mostly Quaker parrots that are afraid of everything not many other species

Dec 09, 2017
Growling or fearful parrot
by: Anonymous

I have one Timneh African Grey parrot. At first, when I brought it home, it was terrified of everything and it took about a month for the bird to settle down a bit. Changing food and cleaning the cage is still a problem as the bird still has not developed trust and I would say that anything that makes the bird feel insecure or frightens the bird, will keep adding to her phobia which has developed. The best way is not to make sudden changes or movements when you approach the cage and to let the parrot have its space and time.

Now, my bird whistles a lot and makes some sounds. It seems that it will talk at some stage later on but my basic concern is improve conditions that will make her feel less fearful. Direct contact with eyes is not a good idea and I do that only when I try to treat my bird with a ground nut (with the shell). Try to give the bird what she loves to eat. The best way to win the bird's trust is through the stomach! Patience is the most important factor. If you give up, everything else will fall apart!!!

Jan 14, 2016
colorful playground for my parrot
by: Anonymous

my quaker parrot shes a girl and is scared of a playground thing we bought her . It isnt like a cage it open it has a ladder ,rope and soemthing for her to hang on , im wondering why she is scaed of it . oh and its very colorful

Editor's note: It may take time to get her used to it.

Aug 11, 2015
my quaker is not a brave one
by: Anonymous

my quaker parrot is about 4 years and he is terrified of everything. My parents sometimes joke around about how he is not a brave boy, but i think he just needs some getting used to. He is so scared of a stick idk why

Mar 18, 2012
Scared Quaker
by: Anonymous

At 6 months of staying in a pet store-ther is a lot of scary birds screaming and yellin ALL day long.There are tons of peopl,mostly children poking fingers in cage'some people slapping the cage and a lot of dis-gruntled employees that aren't all that nice while taking care of them for various reasons.I have taken in rescues for years and have gotten some pitiful birds filled with fear from abuse.Time will almost always make him trust you-try putting him in a low-noise room away from heavy traffic-other people pointing fingers at him etc.I have some that still won't let me touch them after 15 years but I know they love me.Always talk softly when cleaning his cage-consider trimming his wings(by someone who knows how) and let him out of his prison some-and remember to pray for him-he IS a member of the family now-I certainly will have ya'll in my prayers now---LOL Fiana

Mar 15, 2012
scared quaker
by: Anonymous

Your bird is adorable. Thank you sharing a photo.

Far as your little guy being phobic, which is the term I would use, you need to have allot of patience.

He needs to be worked with each day. If he's afraid of his toys, I find when I introduce a new toy to my birds, that they take longer to play with it or go near it if it hangs just slighly higher then thier heads. In the wild, prey comes from above. Lower his toys to where its just slighly lower then his head. You can buy additional clips for toys on a chain. Try to make sure to start with, that his toys aren't too big as well.

Children will sometimes scare birds and take them longer to adjust to a new home, as kids are always bouncing about, and unpredictable. Keep smaller kids away from his cage, or him when he is out.

You will need to take him on walks thru the house, let him touch new things. Mine had to touch doors, walls, pictures on the walls, the tv. Talk to him softly about it. Knock gently on items or tap it, so he knows it wont attack him.

I have a grey who was so phobic took me 7-8 months to get her to relax. But I walked her around to each room... talking about stuff. She was 3 yrs old, and spent those 3 yrs in an aviary. THis was her first home, everything was different. With patience, and daily walks thru of the house, she'd begin to reach for things on her own to check it out.

Try training him to do tricks... there's a training link to the left side column on this site. This will help too! Parrot Training page

He needs daily interaction, patience, and each day introduce him to new stuff. Always move slowly around him, even when cleaning the cage, changing food and talk softly to him.

Some birds take a little longer to adjust, depending on breed, (like greys are naturally nervous) and depending on how much time he is worked with each day. Patience and presistance will pay off.

Sometimes, certain colors, sounds, smells, can make a bird nervous. Only way to know is to introduce him to everything, so you know what to avoid depending on how phobic he gets. Might take him longer to adjust to those things.

Your bird will be fine. I would also recommend taking him to an avian vet to make sure he's in good health. Your bird should see a vet once a year. Please have him seen. Vet can also give your bird something for his phobia and anxiety if needed.

Good luck to you both!

Mar 15, 2012
Scared Quaker
by: Angela

I have a two year old Quaker who is still afraid of a lot of things. He was given to me by someone that didn't like him and constantly threw things at the cage to get him to be quiet so I thought that was the reason why he was so skittish. He's ok when I change his cage but loud noises make him jump, he's afraid of new toys, doesn't like strangers (especially if they're wearing a baseball cap) anything new in the room makes him scared, curtains billowing in the breeze, traffic noises, etc. I always talk to him when I'm changing the cage (step by step of what I'm doing like "here's your apple" "I'm giving you clean water" etc) He's gotten a lot better and I've found the more he is exposed to the better he has gotten. Just spend time with your bird, talking and petting and going about your daily business and once a routine is established he shouldn't be so skittish.

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