My Quaker suddenly became paralyzed

by Rena

I adopted a Quaker parrot from a shelter, we thought he was 12 but later realized he was 18 according to the foot anklet that was placed on him.

He was playing with us one night, and all of a sudden slid down an hit bottom of his cage, he tried to climb again but his legs gave out one more. He had a frightened look like he knew something was wrong. It was heart breaking.

We took home to vet ER and they gave him steroid shot and said nothing was broken or strained and may be neurological, or due to his age. He cane home barely able to keep his head up so he lay tilted against good bucket all night. The next morning I took him out and put him in a blanket and made pillow for his head since he couldn't keep it up, he seemed worse than before so we took him to the vet, and he died on the way there.

I found myself doing CPR on him. I am so devastated! I don't know what happened to my baby but I feel like he knew his time was up and I couldn't save home from it. What could have caused all of this? There were no changes to his diet and the other bird we have has the same food, environment as him. Was it really old age? And did he suffer? The vet said he shouldn't be in pain and many times they recover but not my Bubba, he died at the Vets door.

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Oct 25, 2011
passing out and sizures
by: Anonymous

this same thing happen to my african grey.I also took him to the vet, best around.500,00 later she told me he was very healthy and from all the blood work she found nothing wrong.So I started watching him and sure enough I found the problem.In all he had pass out on me 6 times now .He was chewing magazines,since I stop him from chewing all the different papers he has not pass out.its been a year.alot of chemicals in paper now

Oct 24, 2011
Quaker died after vet visit
by: Tracie

I am so sorry for your loss. Did an avian vet examine your bird and determine what was wrong, or did a vet just give your bird a shot on a guess?

The only way to know what actually caused your bird's death is for you to take the bird in for a necropsy.

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