My Quaquer Parrots

by Anonymous

Well, I have two Quaker Parrots, A male and a female. They both act mean in the cage, but once i let them out they fly and they're happy. But now, the female doesnt seem to like me, she bites me even when i reach out to get her. So, I mostly take out the male, does that mean she's jealous that I'm spending too much time with him, or she thinks Im going to take him away from her? I mean I know theyre territorial but please help me! Thanks!

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Sep 20, 2008
Quaker parrot problem
by: Tracie

There are a many possibilities for this and sometimes only the bird knows the answer.

My birds are cage territorial, so they are only friendly outside of their cage. This could be the case with your birds.

Your birds may have bonded and only one of the two have decided to have a relationship with you and the bird it is bonded to.

Sometimes birds that are free flighted become wild-natured and become aggressive. You might have to trim their wings so that they can't fly, but they can flutter to the floor so they don't get hurt falling.

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