My Rainbow Lorikeet flew away

Hi,Our Rainbow Lorikeet is about 5 years old and escaped from the cage yesterday. Just wondering if it can or will survive ? I see alot flying around the area and thought/hoping it might join a flock or find a mate ? Do you think this is possible or not really as it was born in a cage and thats all it knows ?
Thanks for your time ..

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Jan 15, 2012
Rainbow Lorikeet
by: Anonymous

Thankyou for your reply. Yes im in Australia, Sydney . I think i saw him today , was whistling from a tree , i went to get some food , but he flew off.. I would be happy for him to be free in the wild if only i knew he would survive. I hope natural insticts kick in.....

Jan 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

I take it from your comment you're in AU. The chances of RL survival in AU is extremely high, especially if there are wild ones in your area for him to join a group.

You can still keep an eye out for him & put posters up, advertise & check local vets. Even though he will hang around the wild ones, if he's friendly he'll still be noticeably different to wild RL by being friendly, more curious towards humans, chatty etc...

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