my rainbow lorikeet, Sparkey.

by Sarah Price

Rainbow lorikeet Sparkey posing for the camera 8)

Rainbow lorikeet Sparkey posing for the camera 8)

if i could rename the rainbow lorikeet, they would definately be something along the lines of a joker or fun-loving clown.

I currently own a four year old male rainbow lorikeet.I have had many species of birds, but this guy, aptly named "sparkey" definately has the biggest personality.

I purchased sparkey early 2006 as a 2 month old newly weaned hand-reared bird. I bought him from a friend who is also a very responsible bird trader. my Sparks was born in his living room.

right from the start Sparkey was always the naughty one. he loves getting into things he knows he shouldnt, and i swear he loves to annoy and tease people. He is extremely rambunctious, he NEVER sits still. sparkey loves his daily baths, playing with toys, and shredding newspaper. but by far his favourite activity is perching on my shoulder trying to steal my food. he also goes to bed at 7.30 every night in his hammock. once he is in there you cant get him out, he tends to be very grumpy if you wake him up.

Sparkey is a one person bird. he treats me as a mate, and can become very possesive at times, lunging at people who attempt to take him off my shoulder. he tolerates my father when i am not around; but he HATES my mother. he will regulary attempt to sweet talk her and draw her towards his cage, only to bite her at the closest opportunity. but he is a sweetheart to me, and thats all that matters, really. LOL.

Sparkey is very messy. lorikeets 'squirt'. they do not defecate like other birds, but rather the droppings are a lot runnier. a good absorbent bedding is a must. i even know of some can even aim at people.(luckily sparks hasnt learnt this. yet.)

Sparkey can talk quite well. he does have a 'bird-voice' but the words are still very understandable. he knows- sparkey, hello, jazzy(my fox terrier), emily(my dalmatian), go away, please, thankyou, yes, no, feed me, and treat. he also makes many sounds such as wolf-whistleing, growling, whining(like a puppy), barking, the telephone. he can dance, and also hop and dance(hard to explain) he can roll over,and when he is in a good mood he will lay on his back and let me tickle his belly. he has also recently learnt to shake hands.

sparkey is quite the character, and adores attention. he is constantly talking to himself, or just mumbling. however, he does get very bad mood swings at times, where he will try to bite and wont let you near him. this is generally when he is woken up early or taken out of his hammock. kinda like me:P. sparkey isnt a bird you can really 'cuddle' the only time he has ever fallen asleep on me was when i took him to the bird store where i bought him and he was tired out from the other birds. he does enjoy the company of other birds, as long as they are an equal match. he will try to attack smaller birds for fun.

having said all of this, sparkey is a joy to own. he is very lovable and craves attenton from me. he is the life of the party, constantly doing something funny. i adore him, he is one of a kind. i have tried to talk about many of his negative aspects too in this post though in order to prepare anyone wanting to purchase one of these birds.

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Jul 06, 2015
My baby Sam
by: MelStar

I have had my beautiful lorikeet Sam now for 15 years. As I write this she is fighting for her life in the vet clinic after having emergency surgery to remove 2 eggs that she couldn't pass. All I can say is that she is my world and has brought so much joy to my life and I pray to god that she makes it through the night! Anyone blessed to get close to one of these amazing souls is blessed and should be thankful for the joy they bring to you. Cherish each moment!

Jul 05, 2015
frankie the loving lorikeet
by: jon

I've had my Frankie now for only 4 weeks,he's 9 months old,love him to bits,loves coming out of his huge cage,only comes to me at the moment,let's me tickle his tummy and roll over,says hello Frankie,that's nice thank you and quite a few naughty words picked up probably from his last owner,only problem I have is I can't get him to eat his wet nectar mix,will only eat red grapes and apple,tried all sorts of fruit and veg but he just isn't interested,does anyone have any ideas as to what other foods I can try,love this little man too bits,thanks

Mar 13, 2011
my lorikeet scooby
by: sonia

I have a 5 month old pet rainbow lorikeet named scooby my son named him. he is the best we love him so much. we brought him from the markets at 2 month old he was hand raised. he is very active. he never gets locked in his cage because we feel it isn't right he is allowed out when ever he wants. he goes to bed about 7 pm and when i get up in the morning his still in his cage but as son as he see's me his out. he is very smart when we call him he comes to us but he hasn't learnt to talk yet im hoping he will soon. i honestly couldn't imagine life without scooby he is the best pet. he may squirt everywhere and he maybe noisy but we love him and could never get rid of him

Nov 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

ive had a rainbow lorikeet ever since 2005 that looks EXACTLY like yours, ilove birfs but at the same time mine can be so messy lol, he ran away today >_< soo im kinda sad but last tiem that happened he waited for us in the tree and we took him in, i just hope he can survive and cope with the weather >_< blah ima start crying, the way you described your bird is how my birds personality is.

Feb 18, 2010
I love my new bird
by: Madalain

Hi Sarah & Linda
I have been reading like mad everything I can about Lorikeets. I have never owned a bird until 2 months ago, he was given to because I "sort of asked" for him, becasue I didtn think the person who had him was looking after him well, anyhow I think my friend was relieved to give the bird away, as it was given to him about a year before that, after having been found on a doorstep, so, having said all that, this little bird has had many owners. He was going to be given to my mother, who recently lost a cat, as I have 2 cats already and work full time, with 2 children and a husband to care for, but, after living wiht us for 2 weeks, and getting him a bigger, nicer cage, my husband so there is no way he was giving the bird away, and I am very glad we didnt, and I just yesterday purchased him a huge aviary for one little bird. Now, having read lots of advice on loris, I dont know if this is such a good idea, having a 3meter x 2meter aviary, anyway, we'll test it out tomorrow. There is so much I need to learn, I dont know anything about loris or any bird, but I know when he gets angry, but dont know why, I am very very slowly learing his temparment and how to handle him after getting lots and lots of bites. We have managed to get him out of the cage BUT have learnt the hard way, they dont like to be "caught" by hand, we have to encourage him to come out slowly. After getting him out, he ran straight back in!!!! As I've said, i have a lot to learn. BUT he is so funny, we have toys for him which he loves and anything bright with lots of color, yes, all the paper in his cage is shredded to bits and he is very messy, but he is adorable and would never give him away. My husband called me at work panic stricken, that as soon as I get home, I have to take the bird to a vet, why?? He says because he is sratching his butt, its not normal, something must be wrong....on the way home I stopped at a pet supplies store and came home with $50 worth of deworming solutions, flea sparys and more toys.
Originaly named Lori, by my daughter, I changed it to Mango, I think that suits him and as I said to my family, I clean him, I feed, I clean his dirty, messy cage and as far as I'm concerned its my bird and I will name him what I want and I want Mango!!!
Its great too hear there are sooooo many lori lovers who all say they are the best pets, so I am looking forward to sharing many times with mine.

Jan 27, 2010
my rainbow lorikeet, Sparkey
by: Linda

Sparkey does sound like a real character, and he also sounds as if he is very much loved.

I've never had a Lorikeet, and your description makes me want one though I don't have any room in the ole' inn!

The only thing I need to say of a kind of negative nature is DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO PLAY WITH STRANGE BIRDS, EVEN THE ONES AT THE PET STORE. Birds have only gram positive bacteria in their bodies, though they can tolerate a little bit of the gram negative they are used to in their own homes. When taken out for play dates or if other birds are brought into his home, they will be carrying other forms and types of the negative gram bacteria which can make your bird sick. Birds are not like dogs who can go over to a buddy's home to play, they need to be protected from a basically gram negative world. So, just don't allow him to play with the other birds as he will eventually catch something from them and then that means a not so happy little Sparkey who'll need to go to Avian Vet to get well.

One other thing is the shoulder sitting. This is a bad position to allow him in as he feels in control of you from that place. I've known people who received some nasty injuries from having bird on shoulder. A person will come over to you, and Sparkey may react with something called "passive aggression" which means if he cannot bite the one he wants to bite, he WILL BITE YOU! Just something to keep in mind. A lot of people don't understand the passive aggression and most do if they've worked with kids, dogs and cats before.

It is a joy to hear the love in your voice as you talk about little Sparkey, and makes my heart glad. It is a pleasure to know you and Sparkey, and we wish you both all the best there is for always,


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