my rainbow lorkeet apeek seems wierd...

my 1 year old rainbow lorikeet is great at times but has these wired moments that have me concerned. today for example i put him on my shoulder and sat outside in the sun, he was ok until he started shaking his head as like shaking off a piece of food on his beak but he shaked it for at least 8 to 10 sec at least. then i took him inside and watched him, his feathers were puffed and his right eye was lazy then would close. i can tell something is not right.

i took him to an aviary vet and they took tests, x rays, blood samples and they were unsure wat was going on... and he would have seizures varying about once every 2 months and vomiting while seizureing. i dont know wat to do can any one please give me any bit of info i love the little guy with all my heart...

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May 06, 2010
thank you!!
by: Anonymous

thank u very much linda i appreciate your information he seems to be doing much better now his colors are much more vibrant and his attitude has changed completely. he loves being around every one and every one loves being around him, i changed a few ways we take care of him i guess that got rid of the problem but to be on the safe side i will again take him to an aviary vet. thanks again and god bless

Apr 28, 2010
my rainbow lorkeet apeek seems wierd...
by: Linda

Your little bird is VERY SICK. It appears you've allowed them to run a number of tests, and hopefully, they've covered all the bases. Seizure activity is hard to pin down because it can be caused by so many things. Toxins in bird's environment is one major thing as is congenital birth defects in the brain. Have the vets come up with anything at all? You called them Aviary vets, do you mean Avian Vets? Bird MUST be diagnosed and treated by an Avian vet as dog and cat vets will be totally in the dark forever as they are not licensed or trained to treat birds.

Toxins can be in so many forms. First thing is the air bird breathes, and many household items are toxic to birds like air fresheners, room deoderizers, candles, hairspray, fingernail polish and remover, glue, paint, even Latex is toxic until dry and cured out which takes about a month, any kind of aerosol spray can has to be used outside. Next would be water bird is drinking, and I don't know about yours, but we have to use a 4-stage professional filter system here to have clean water for our birds and dogs and us. The next thing is bird's cage. Do you have results of lead/zinc content of the powdercoat paint on cage? If not, get in touch with manufacturer as all international manufacturers HAVE TO HAVE AN INDEPENDENT LAB'S LEAD/ZINC REPORT DONE HERE IN THE STATES OR IN YOUR COUNTRY. Cages coming from China and even the UK have to have testing done by an independent testing facility NOT IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY so results can be accurate. Other toxins can be in metal toy parts like chain and quick links in the form of zinc. China is now putting cadmium (a devastating carcinogen) in the zinc as it is cheaper to make, so try and use either nickel plated or stainless metal parts for toys and perch hardware.

Get back with vet if you find any of the above toxins in your home, so they can know how to treat bird as poisoning will cause seizure activity. They may also need to do a scan or two on bird's body to see if there are any tumors in brain or spine. This will take time to get to the bottom of, and hopefully your little bird will be able to come through safely. This is just for your information, so do not be unduly alarmed: If your bird dies, PLEASE HAVE AVIAN VET DO A NECROPSY SO THEY CAN FIND WHAT WAS WRONG. HAVE IT DONE IMMEDIATELY AFTER DEATH AS SOME TOXINS LEAVE THE BODY QUICKLY, AND YOU'LL NEED TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WAS WRONG BEFORE BRINGING ANOTHER BIRD INTO YOUR HOME. I'm not trying to scare you, but prepare you for the worst possible scenario so you can get the information you need.

Keep us informed as to how this is going. If these Avian Vets do not get more aggressive with testing and diagnostics, you'll need to find another one. Be sure to get ALL TESTING RESULTS, XRAYS AND ANY OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION FROM THE PRESENT AVIAN VET TO TAKE TO THE NEXT ONE.


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