My red rump eggs


My red Rump laid her first egg 12days ago then every other day she laid anothe until she had 5eggs she use to sit on them but until 4days ago she stoped all she did stay next to the nest as if to watch them and if she see me coming in the room she go runing in the box but not on the eggs she sit on the perch inside the box.

Last night ichecked the eggs to see if they are fertile but for me i saw them clear only at the tip of the eggs i saw a circle but it was white not dark.Now today all of a sudden she is on the eggs again i saw them mating befor she had the eggs every morning.Now everytime she comes out to drink or eat he is trying to mate her and she get very angry with him Iam so very confused what is happing when i had the caneries i never had trabel i use to give them egg and biscuit mix please please help

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Mar 26, 2010
Red rump eggs
by: Carmel

Hi Linda thanks for answering. Just to let you know scince last time she is staying on the eggs she only comes out to eat and sometimes when he calls her but then he pancic kind of telling her to go back in the nest and she will go he feed her too.About the diet iam sure its a healthy like you told me and they are healthy birds one can tell the have buitfull feathers very bright colours and are lively.The other day i checked the eggs again and saw like tiny veins so i tought maybe the eggs are good but iam no expert so i tought i leave them for a few more days cause i don,t want to feel sorry afterwords.Now the first egg is around 13days old and the others less so all i do now will check the eggs to make sure they are not broken and let nature takes its way.And i will sure let you know what happened.Thank you for your kindness

Mar 25, 2010
My red rump eggs
by: Linda

Hello and thanks for writing. PLEASE REMOVE THE NESTBOX FROM THE CAGE, and separate the birds into separate cages for a while. Make sure the cages sit close to each other as the birds will be upset with the move for a while. Your birds are either not old enough for raising babies, or do not know what they are supposed to be doing or are in poor condition. Hookbills like your parakeets and softbills like the canaries are two entirely different birds, and behave in totally different ways. Where the canaries know how to raise a nest of babies, some of the parrots do not. This can be caused from commercial breeders incubating the eggs and then handfeeding all the babies from hatching. These birds DO NOT KNOW THAT THEY ARE BIRDS MUCH LESS HOW TO RAISE AND CARE FOR A FAMILY OF BIRDS.They have to learn all these things from bird parents, not humans.

The eggs are clear which means that your male may either be infertile or they are not being fed properly. Parrots have to be eating a high quality organic pelleted diet as the bread and bisquit you spoke of are nothing as for nutrition and neither are all seed diets. Feed a healthy, high quality pelleted diet with a little fruit and/or veggie as treat food. Feed no human food or table food as these interfere with a bird's overall nutrition and diet.

A TRIP TO SEE AN AVIAN VET WITH BOTH YOUR BIRDS IS ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Sick birds will go through the motions of breeding, and all eggs will be infertile because birds have to be in 100% Best Condition before they can go through all the work of the process of raising a family. Tracie has a link here to help find an Avian Vet in your area. If you have to drive for a while, then please be ready to do that. When people acquire birds, they must also check about Avian Vets in their areas first because a dog and cat vet IS NOT LICENSED OR TRAINED TO TREAT BIRDS, AND THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE FOR THE PARROTS.

Let us know how things are going when you can,

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