my red rump male is very aggressive to red rump female

by Rimas

I bought a female for my red rump. When he saw her he was very interested, but now he's attacking her, and is very aggressive. Now they live separate. When i let him out he attacks the mirror and fly's on females cage and hits it with his beak. Is this normal? Will they be friends?

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Nov 17, 2009
aggressive to red rump female
by: Linda

Hello and thanks for writing. When introducing new birds to other birds, always keep in separate cages for a period of time. Never bring a new bird home and put it in cage with an established bird as this leads to aggression and death. Keep birds separated for now, and I would suggest buying a larger cage that is new to both birds. The male's cage may be too small, and he is not going to tolerate another bird in there.

Keep them in separate cages now and until you get a cage large enough for both. Birds are like humans and sometimes DO NOT like the choice we made in a mate. The female may be too young too. Put cages side by side and see if male starts singing to her and doing the stiff legged strut that males will do. They hold themselves stiff and spread tail feathers out and walk back and forth showing how pretty they are.

When you let the male out of cage, make sure female's cage is far enough away so he cannot get to it. As long as male is this aggressive to her, it means he will kill her if he gets the chance, so take NO chances with her life.

Let us know how this works out, and remember about the larger cage for later when you try again.Put female into new cage first and leave her for a week or two or more. Then introduce the male to HER cage and see what happens. DO NOTHING FOR A MONTH OR MORE RIGHT NOW. LEAVE THEM CAGED ALONE AND SEE HOW IT GOES.


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