My rehomed African Grey will not eat or drink like she should

by Angela Chamberlin
(Marceline, Mo.)

I just purchased a CAG. She was used as a breeder at her previous home. The owner Kept all her birds in a shed with no sunlight or anything, and she fed them seed mix. I traded a breeder pair a Nanday Conures for her, as I wanted a single companion bird.

She is a little shy. She will not come to me all all, but she will venture out of her cage and occasionally play with her toys. I have had her for almost a week now. The problem I am having is she will not hardly eat or drink at all. I see her occasionally pick up a nut or sunflower seed, (which is all Iv'e gotten her to touch) but that it. I think I have only seen her drink water 3 times since Iv'e had her. I am really stating to worry. I have offered her seeds, pellets and all sorts of veggies and fruits, whole grain bread, and pasta but she dosen't want any of it.

Now she seems to be less active. She sits in one spot most of the time. I have no avain vets in my area, and no money to see one until after the 1st of next month. (live on a fixed income) I would try to hand feed her but she won't let me near her.

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Jul 08, 2013
My rehomed African Grey will not eat or drink like she should
by: Linda

Your bird is sick and has been neglected and just about used up as a breeder. God help the pair you traded for her!

You will need to have her thoroughly examined by an Avian Vet ONLY because this bird could have multiple infections going not to mention liver problems from eating all seed diet. Breeder you got your bird from is what I call a bird mill breeder. What this means is they do not feed birds right, they do not take them to the vet, ever, and most die from being over bred and underfed. I am very happy you now have her in your home where she can get the kind of care she deserves.

Make an appointment as soon as is possible with an Avian Vet. Tell them the kind of environment bird came out of and that she may have multiple infections or organ problems. Avian vet will test for viral and bacterial infections and draw blood for a CBC and to see how organs are functioning.

It can take a year or more to get overbred, underfed and generally used and abused birds back into condition. She will need to be eating a high quality pellet like Harrisons and they have a "Hi Octane" blend that she will need to be on for at least a year. She will die if you don't get her the medical services she needs. She is getting worse, and once she stops eating and drinking, she will die, so move on this right away. Do not even think about trying to tame or train her as she is way too sick for this, and it will take valuable energy she needs to survive.

Let us know what avian vet says and does for your little bird and thanks for writing.

Jul 08, 2013
Concern for new bird
by: Tracie

First of all, it may take a year or more for this bird to learn to trust you. Secondly, you really must find an avian vet for the bird, or at least a vet in your area that treats birds regularly. (Call a reputable breeder in your area that takes their birds for vaccinations and health checks.)

There is not anything a vet can do for your bird over the Internet. If your bird is sick, there is no way to determine what is wrong without an exam and probably tests. If your bird knows where the water it, then it will drink enough if it is well.

Most avian vets take payments, please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird.

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