My Rescued Parrot - Cockatiel

by devyani rajput
(new delhi,india)

my totu eating food

my totu eating food

my parrot's name was "totu".actually he had countless names.totu was such a dear parrot.we found him near the lift of our appartment in a very bad condition.he was attacked by some other bird or animal and was just taking his last few breaths when we saw him and picked him up.we applied medicine on his wounds daily and eventually he recovered.he was a small kid then!he growed into an adult parrot in front of my eyes.he was very intelligent and understanding,though he did'nt speek bu8t then also he was too you must be wondering that why am i using 'was'for him.actually the one who rescued him before us took him away.:(it is today only that he took him away from us.i cried a lot.he was with us for almost a month.totu became a part of my daily life.he became a part of our family.i want him badly now.i think of him everytime.i can feel his claws all over my hands,head,arms,shoulders...everywhere.i miss him so much.he used to get angry on me,used to love me,used to play with me.he came really close to me in the days when mom n dad left me for 4 days.i was alone at home wid my sweetheart 'totu'.i celebrated "Valentines Day" with him this year.but now he is not with me...any1 who reads my story...pls tell me is it justified to seperate my 'totu' from me when he n i had come so close to eachother.emotions apart,thinking logically also,he belonged to us,not them who saved him before us,because had he not been saved by us,he would have died.moreover they didnt puchase him.he belonged to the one who rescued him the last...
while writing this story,i m crying because i got seperated from my totu just some hours ago.please tell me what to do..should i get him back from them??

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Apr 25, 2010
I understand
by: Nicholas

I love birds - I have cockatiels (2), finches (6) and love bird. Once, I rescued a cockatiel that had escaped from its owner. Evidently the cage had been outside, and they were not careful enough with the cage door. The cockatiel - a beautiful lutino/pied, landed on my shoulder when I was outside, and I could see he was hungry and thirsty. Seeing that I had experience with birds, I took in this lovely hand raised cockatiel. His health and plumage improved with care. After about a month, the owners were located - it was sad to see this cockatiel go. What was even more upsetting was when I got a knock at the door about a month later - it was the owner saying that the cockatiel I had looked after had gone missing again. I was shocked at how careless they were with this lovely bird. They wanted to know if he had come back to me, and he hadn't. Sadly, I think that this lovely bird was probably the victim of predators. I know that he would have been safe and happy with me, so I really understand why you feel the way you do. Take comfort from knowing that this cockatiel felt loved and happy for the time he was with you. These intelligent birds don't forget kindness and affection.

Mar 01, 2010
by: devyani

Thanks Christina,as u suggested to write a letter to them,i have already visited their home to get my parrot back.i told them that it was my parrot but they were really cold hearted people.anyways now i am happy that 'totu' is happy and sound with them too.let him be happy wherever he be.He is happy,I am happy..

Feb 25, 2010
Maybe you could write them a letter
by: Anonymous

Hello, how are you going? I am very sorry to hear about what happened with your bird. I know how painful it is to lose a bird as it has happened to me before too. Some silly people might say it's just a bird, but you and me and everyone else here knows that it is not just a bird, it is your best friend. I think that you should write a letter to this person who has your bird, and in this letter explain exactly how you feel and how much you love this bird, just as you did here. They might not realise just how much you love him and miss him, and they might be willing to give him back to you. Maybe you could offer to buy them a brand new bird, whatever bird they pick, if they give you your bird back. Maybe you could just offer to buy him straight back off them. Maybe you could ask them if they have any odd jobs around the house that need doing that you could do for a while in exchange for your bird back. Maybe they need some babysitting done, or a dog that needs walking? Maybe you could get your Parents or an adult family friend or a teacher to talk to this person and explain to them how mcuh this bird means to you. In the meantime, you could also ask the people if you can visit your bird once a week at their house. Bring a cake and have a nice visit with your bird. Good luck, I hope that everything works out well for you, and I hope you get your lovely bird back :-) Kind Regards, from Christina

Feb 24, 2010
My Rescued Parrot - Cockatiel
by: Linda

You poor little thing, my heart goes out to you as this is a very sad time. Your little bird needed to go back with the other people though I think they may have been a little cruel in taking him away from you. They owned him before you, so they felt right about taking him. It's not always about being right, sometimes it's about being loving, and they seemed to be hard on you about this.

We who do and have done rescues know of your heartbreak, so you are NOT alone. Anytime we rescue a bird or animal, there is always a chance their previous owners will come and take them away. Some people take in birds, dogs and cats and become their Foster Parents for a while. Foster Parents do a lot of work and cry over their little ones. Then one day, someone comes along and wants to give those little birds, dogs and cats a forever home, and then we cry buckets of tears as we see them leaving. This is a part of being a hero for animals and birds. We must always keep our hearts open to one that needs us even if it is for a short time.

If your parents would allow it, you may want to get another bird, either another Cockatiel or a Budgie. You'll have to check with them because, as you know, having a bird and taking good care of them is a lot of work. You sound like a person who is full of love to give, and so you may want to talk with them about this. I'd also wait a little bit in case the other people who took your bird decides they don't want him anymore.

Don't wait too long because you are sound like a perfect person to give love and care to a bird, so don't close your heart down. Keep your heart open because as you age, you'll find there is ALWAYS another bird, dog, cat or animal who needs your love, and you must be willing to give it to them. Love is to be freely given to one and all and this especially includes all our bird and animal brothers and sisters on this planet.

Write to us again and let us know how it is going and if you have another bird. We are here to help you and support you in any way we can, so do not hesitate to write to us with any questions you may have.

I know you are hurting now, so go ahead and cry for your little bird and take some time to remember the happy times. Also know that YOU SAVED HIS LIFE, AND YOU ARE A HERO FOR THAT. You will be able to love another bird in time, so let that warm your heart.

Thanks for writing, and we are always here for you, and you are not alone.

Linda and the Site

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