my ring neck refuses anything other then hand raising formula

by karen hubbert
(NT australia)

my indian ringneck is around 14weeks old and can crack seed, loves apple but still prefers me to feed him handraising formula. and he screams everytime i walk into the room while bobbing his head. why is he doing this and how can i stop the screaming and get him to eat more seed on his own.

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Sep 26, 2011
my ring neck refuses anything other then hand raising formula
by: Linda

What is wrong is what you are weaning bird onto. Wean your bird onto a high quality diet or it is not getting what it needs. In this case, seeds is a very poor diet, and the apple will only upset your bird's digestive system.

We highly recommend you wean your baby onto a high quality 100% nutritious organic pellet. We have several here to choose from with Harrison's being the best. You may need to put a little water in with a small offering of the pellets until bird starts eating quite a bit of it. This water is very little and just enough to get the pellets moist not soggy with water running everywhere. Change out every two hours throughout the day as it has no preservatives and goes rancid in a couple of hours.

Because of possible waste, keep the amounts smaller, like no more than 10 or 12 pellets at a time until bird is eating that all up and wanting more. Directions on how much to feed are on the bags, and this food has to be refrigerated after opening. Take out what you need about 30 minutes before feeding so it can warm up. If bird totally refuses to eat it, then get some CERTIFIED ORGANIC apple juice(NO SUGAR or CORN SYRUP) from a local health food store and put just a few drops on the pellets and mix in so bird has a little bit of it to taste. That was how I changed my older Amazons over to the pellets years ago, and then they started eating them plain after that.

The reason for organic over the junk pellets like ZuPreem is the organic pellets contain no harmful chemicals or dyes, and Harrisons provides 100% of what your bird needs to live a healthy life for all its life. Your baby is not weaned as weaning is a process, and you have to provide high quality weaning food or he will continue to ask you for food. He knows what he needs, and will continue to bob and cry until you present him with something worth eating.That was not meant to be mean or rude, and is a fact.

Once he's feeding himself better, you can cut feeds down to once or twice a day in morning and evening depending on how much he's eating during the day.Allow him to eat all he can of the organic pellets, and keep track of how much he's actually eating and not dropped during the day. The package has recommended amounts, and these are for adult birds. He will play with new food which means dropping some, so please keep count of how many pellets he's getting in him and count the ones he's getting on him and dropping. Once he begins to feel fuller, he'll stop so much of the begging. This is the time to cut handfeeds down to once a day or break a meal's worth up into two feeds.Gradually, he will begin to feed himself enough so the begging stops altogether.

Remember to handle him often because he equates handfeeding with not only filling his crop but also the warmth and love you are providing during feeding.

Thanks for writing,

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